Tips & Tricks in Review: March 2021

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Here's a recap of what we covered in March in the Tips & Tricks series!

Customizing Contracts with Tokens

In Details, there are tokens you can use to customize contracts. Tokens are essentially placeholder bits of text that are used to map data into your contract terms. They can be used to automatically insert the varying pieces of event information like dates, names, locations, or payment amounts into the contract terms without you having to manually type the information into each proposal!

Screen Shot 2020-11-05 at 12.10.36 PM

Notice the spots where the tokens are being used? This is how you'll factor them into your own terms as well. Once a proposal is published with these terms, the spots where the tags are being used will populate with data, like so👇

Screen Shot 2021-02-03 at 2.31.57 PM

For more information about Contract Tokens, check out this Support Center article: Company Settings: Personalizing Contract Terms

Managing Worksheet Sections

Worksheets are made up of various sections, most of them specific to various functionality. Knowing how to add, remove, and restore sections is an important part of creating and editing events!


Found under the 'Edit Worksheet' menu of the Design Board are all the options to add and restore worksheet sections, removing sections is done by clicking the trashcan icon in the top-right corner of any section. Check out this Support Center article for full instructions: The Worksheet: Managing Sections & Line Items


Using Privacy Mode

Within each item is a comprehensive list of historical pricing and usage! Split up into two sections, Order History and Event History, the panels for the Historical Data are found in the center of the Item Details page.


These sections will give you a comprehensive history of pricing and cost for each instance an item was used, check out this Support Center article for a full breakdown of how it works: The Item Gallery: Historical Data

Generating Custom Reports

Check out the video below for info about creating and saving custom reports! 🎥

For full written instructions, read this Support Center article: Reports: Building Custom Reports

The Costs Page

Once you've designed an event, it's time to put on the show! You're going to need to price out everything you need and put together an order of product for the event. This is where the 'Costs' page of your events comes in - this page is designed to help you fill out an order sheet, gather total costs, and you can even send quote requests directly to wholesale partners.


There's a lot going on on the Costs page, so be sure to check out this Support Center section for the full breakdown: Support Center: Costs & RFQ

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