Details Easter Eggs 2021; Custom Properties, Item Analytics, & More!

It’s Easter weekend, so let’s talk about some lesser-known features in the Details platform. Our whole system is designed to help you earn more and save time, with every feature built to address the specific needs of floral and event designers, including some hidden gems. So, let’s hop to it and take look at some of the Details Easter Eggs scattered around the platform!


🐣 Custom Properties – One of our newest features (and it ties in nicely with some of the other Easter Eggs we're going to look at below) is the ability to make custom properties within your events. Found within the Event Details page of any event, there's a section in the lower-left side of the page where you can create any custom property you'd like, and once created, those properties can be re-used in any event, allowing you to create completely custom commonalities between your events, which comes in quite handy for the next Easter Egg we're going to look at...

Learn more about Custom Properties in this Support Center article: Using Custom Properties



🐣 Custom Searching & Reporting - We overhauled the Event List last year to include an expanded search, with custom reporting tools built-in for you to use. There are over 20 different included parameters available for use in running reports, and any custom properties you create are also included. That means you can create any kind of report you'd like by combining custom properties with this powerful sorting tool. These custom reports can also be saved as templates so you can pull them whenever you need!

Learn more about creating custom reports and saved searches in this Support Center article: Building Custom Reports

🐣 Contract Tokens – Another customization tool! The Contract Tokens allow you to personalize your contracts by inserting dynamic tags within clauses that will automatically generate various information like client names, event dates, payment schedule information, and more. Another really great part of this tool is that you can also create tokens from any of your custom properties!

Learn more about Contract Tokens in this Support Center article: Personalizing Contract Terms



🐣 Item Analytics - Under the Reports section of the main menu is our newest dedicated report, the Item Analytics. This is a three-in-one report that allows users to pull analytic reports for item usage and pricing, all the way back to the beginning of your account or as far into the future as you've planned events. Take a look at historical trends, average yearly usage and costs, and visualize it all in a variety of ways!

Learn more about the Item Analytics reports in this Support Center article: Item Analytics

Everyone needs a friend like Details, who is all ears 🐰. We’ve listened to what floral and event designers need to earn more and save time. Utilizing these egg-cellent tools will help you do just that. Hoppy Easter everyone! 🌷 Check out this Easter inspired wedding proposal created in Details!




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