Tips & Tricks in Review: August 2020

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Here's a recap of what we covered in August in the Tips & Tricks series!

The Recipe PDF

Within each of your events is a 'Documents' section containing some handy documents for you to use in execution of your event, and the one we are going to focus on today is the Recipe PDF!

The Recipe PDF is a comprehensive guide to your arrangements for any given event - we like to think of it as a sort of recipe cookbook! To access it, click the 'Documents' option along the top navigation row of an event and on the resulting page, select the second option on the left: Recipe PDF
💡 Tip: Save the document to your device for offline use, or print it out to keep it handy when it's time to assemble the event!

Check out this Support Center article for more information: Click Here

Proposal Suggestions

Use Proposal Suggestions to add your own recommended designs to proposals. Give your clients a chance to see what you can do as a designer, and up-sell them with everything you have to offer! 

When you enable the Proposal Suggestion option on a line item, the recipe will still be included on the proposal like any other; however, it will not be factored into the grand total for the event. This way, you can show it to your client without inflating the grand total!

See how to activate it below👇


Check out this Support Center article for more information: Click Here

Order Combining

Did you know Details includes a page that allows you to combine orders together for multiple events? Well, now you do! It's called the 'Items Needed' report and it's a big time-saver. You'll find it in the main menu under the 'Reports' section. At the moment, it's the only report there, so you can't miss it!

There are a few short steps to generate the report and then - bam! - you have a combined product list for any combination of events! 

Check out this Support Center article for more information: Click Here

Managing Proposal Access

With Details, you have complete control over how and when your proposals are available to clients. Head over the the 'Proposal' tab of any event and you'll see the 'Proposal Access' area in the top-right of the page. If you haven't published a version of the proposal yet, it will be blank, but after you publish the proposal you'll see options to manage the proposal link, and how and when it can be accessed!


Check out this Support Center article for more information: Click Here

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