Our Experience at the 2023 Interflora World Cup

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The Interflora World Cup is among the world's most prestigious floral design competitions in the world. Florists from all corners of the globe participate in this competition, displaying their unique skills and boundless creativity. This event occurs once every four years, and we were honored to be a sponsor and attend this year's Interflora World Cup! Here is a recap of our experience. 

Our CEO, Corrine, and her husband, Greg, traveled to the UK to experience this event representing Details. The event took place in Manchester's Central Convention Center, a venue known for hosting grand exhibitions and events. The spacious halls provided the perfect canvas for the floral installations. Each corner of the venue bloomed with creativity. We had the pleasure of sponsoring and aiding in the planning process of this event. It was incredible to see all the designs come to life created by the talented design team. Working with Karen Barnes and the Interflora team was such a joy! 

Large Blog Images (3)-2Images: International Manchester Central Convention Centre (location of the 2023 Interflora World Cup); Corrine Heck with Karen Barnes

As a sponsor, we held a private VIP Cocktail Hour on Saturday, September 7th, after the day's events. The evening was filled with laughter, fun conversations, and love for all things floral. It was great to see old friends and new connections being made! We enjoyed hosting the get-together and made so many lasting relationships.

Large Blog Images (3) copy 7Images: Greg and Corrine Heck with Interflora contestants (top left); Greg and Corrine (top middle); Corrine with Per Benjamin and Hannah Jackson (top right); Julie Reed with Corrine (bottom left); Corrine with Lea Romanowski and Katrina Skyback Doyle (bottom middle); Greg Heck with Karen Barnes, Rhys Hughes, and Nick Priest (bottom right)

The theme of 2023 revolves around "our natural world," urging designers to focus on sustainability and utilizing natural materials. Each florist will be allocated a specific time frame to complete their creations. The many tasks of this year include A Rainforest Canopy, A Bee-utiful Tribe, Watery Wonders, A Heavenly Wedding, Meadow Melody, and The Big One. Their works will be evaluated based on various criteria, including creativity, technique, sustainability, originality, and the skillful use of color.

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The 2023 Interflora World Cup Champion is Nicolaus Peters from Germany! While the winner received well-deserved recognition, every competitor showcased their extraordinary talent and commitment to the art of floristry. The 2023 Interflora World Cup was not just a competition but a grand celebration of floral artistry. If you want to learn about the participating contestants, read this blog!

Large Blog Images (3) copy-1Images: Nicolaus Peters (First place winner of the 2023 Interflora World Cup Corrine Heck with Jenny Thomasson

We are so proud of our US Representative Jenny Thomasson! We will be hosting a Masterclass with Jenny on September 26th at 2 PM EST, all about the behind-the-scenes of the Interflora World Cup. Make sure to register for the Masterclass here!

The Interflora UK World Cup went beyond being a competition platform; it is a center of education and inspiration for seasoned professionals and passionate enthusiasts alike. Throughout the event, attendees were invited to engage in educational workshops guided by celebrated floral designers, offering valuable insights into the latest techniques and trends.

Large Blog Images (3) copy 9Images: Corrine Heck with Deborah de la Flor (top right); Corrine with Katrina Skybak Doyle of Cloud Hill Flowers (top middle); Karen and Regine of Thursd. (top right); Greg with Monica Patricia Garcia Villegas, Kristina Rimiene, Lea Romanowski, and Yoli Laguerre (bottom left); Corrine with Lottie McKinnon (middle bottom); Corrine with Yoli LaGuerre and Kristina Rimiene (bottom right)

One of the most captivating aspects of the Interflora UK World Cup was the chance for floral artists to connect with professionals from around the globe. We connected with so many companies worldwide, from Europe to India. Thanks to this event, we can create even more connections in the future. 

Large Blog Images (3) copy 5Images: Corrine Heck with Nikki Meader and Kate Whelan (top left); Corrine and Greg Heck with JP of Wellington's Florists (top middle); Corrine with Rhys Hughes, Interflora president UK & Ireland (top right); Corrine with Alejandro Figueira (bottom left);  Corrine and Greg Heck with Alex Choi (top middle); Corrine with Tomas De Bruyne 

Sustainability is a large initiative of the designers and organizers of the event. The remaining flowers from the event were sold, with all proceeds benefiting St. Anne's Hospice. The Confetti Club carefully collected the surplus blooms and used them to create biodegradable confetti.

Large Blog Images (3) copy 3-1

We want to thank Nick, Karen, Nicole, and the whole Interflora Team for putting this event together! It was truly unforgettable and a milestone for us at Details! We cannot wait till the next World Cup!

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