5 Flower Chandeliers To Draw Inspiration From

by Details Flowers ● 17 June ● Just For Fun

(Chandelier Above Designed by Elizabeth Fisher, Owner of Lizzie Bee's Flower Shoppe)

How beautiful is it to see an aerial floral masterpiece as the focal point at an event? It is breathtaking to see how intricate and unique these pieces can be. So much time is put into designing, ordering, planning, and executing these chandeliers. Where does one even start?

What to Consider When Installing Flower Chandeliers

Once a client has proposed their dream wedding, it is essential to gather the details needed to start the designing process.

  • You will need a timeframe for this event in order to know exactly how far in advance to start building the foundation of the chandelier, when to order the materials, and the amount of time that you have to actually install the piece at the venue.
  • The venue will need to be established. Depending on the client's vision, the venue will play an intricate part in the designing process. Support beams will need to be mapped out to account for the weight of the chandelier. The placement of the installation will have to match the flow of the space. You would not want to hang a large piece on a low-profile ceiling! 

One of the most important aspects of the design process is to establish the right materials for the specified design. The weight and size of the chandelier, as well as the support system, will dictate what materials are to use. Our Masterclass Special Guest, Elizabeth Fisher, has cultivated a solution to all of those installation experiments gone wrong! Floral Mechanics engineered mechanical systems specific to the floral industry. From floral hoops of all sizes to a floral wall, the possibilities are endless to achieve the most stable foundation for your design.


Get Inspired!

To get your ideas soaring, here are five chandeliers that exhibit the intricate art form of floral installations: 

1. Double Hoop Beauty by @k.occasions!


Credits to @whitneywoodall_photography, @elizabeth.wrightevents, & @pleasebeseatedrentals


2. Let There Be Light by @squarerootdesigns!


Credits to @agoodaffair, @terranearesort, & @revelryeventdesigns


3. A Dreamy Desert Sunset by @acharmingfete!


Credits to @andrewthomasdesign, @tecpetaja, @boss_lady_a_charming_fete, @hannahh_johnston, @clay.johnston, @vincentltg, & @tenkwestbank_marigold


4. Gorgeously Graceful by @lilygreenthumbs!


Credits to @smmphotog, @southern_savvy_events, @dukemansion, @partyreflections, & @oldsouthcollection


5. Golden Autumn by @simplybeautifulfloralco!


To learn more about getting started with large floral installations, from mechanics, to pricing, what to include in your contract terms, and staying inspired, check out our blog "A Florists' Guide to Large Flower Installations!"


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