Meet Bradley: Ball's Newest Sunflower Variety

by Details Flowers ● 11 June ● News & Events, Partners

Sunflowers are undoubtedly one of the most recognizable and loved flowers that exist today. They are the perfect representation of the beauty and brightness of Spring & Summer and the vivid colors of nature that come along with the seasons.

“Nothing feels more like summer than Sunflowers! Native from North America, the old-time favorite is not only named after, but also resembles the sun. It’s no surprise that we see these flowers in paintings by renowned artists from around the world. This flower brings and spreads warmth, happiness, power and strength. Always facing the sun, the sunflower seeks positivity and strength since it is always looking towards the bright side. Its vibrant yellow and orange petals always brighten the mood.” -Ball

Our partners over at Ball have created some of the most gorgeous and unique sunflower varieties over the years, and we’re so excited to introduce you to their newest one, Bradley. Meet him below!


Meet Bradley


Bradley is vibrant and joyful, and has been described as “Endless Sunshine.” He is known to brighten up any room he’s in, with his green center and thick golden petals. In full bloom, he tends to open upwards - which makes him perfect to show off in any bouquet or arrangement.

Ball released the below one-minute video introducing Bradley - and it's absolutely stunning!


Endless Sunshine, a description of Bradley by Ball: “Beyond the golden rays of shimmering dawn, amidst a gentle whisper that harbors nature while supplying earth with life, there lays Bradley, a vigorous flower of unique fortitude that transmits joy within its petal’s relishing anthem, forever reminiscing on instants of bliss and festivity.”

Bradley is a unique variation of the traditional sunflower, which is why he really stands out in designs. We encourage you to try Bradley out in your recipes on Details. You can find him in our Ball Collection folder within the Item Gallery! Just favorite him to your design board, and drag ‘n drop him in the arrangements you see fit. We guarantee you and your clients will fall in love.

More Ball Sunflower Varieties


If you’re on the search for sunflowers with different characteristics, look no further, Ball has them all! Each sunflower variety from Ball has its own personality, meet two more below!



is another newer variety of sunflower by Ball. His dark center and vibrant petals make him the perfect pick for those looking for a traditional sunflower that radiates color and life.




is a florist favorite due to the upward-facing blooms and bountiful overlapping petals - a beautiful choice for Summer and Autumn designs, Vincent comes in the classic combo of brown centers and deep orange petals.


Check out all nine of Ball’s sunflower varieties here.


The Origin of the Sunflower


According to the National Sunflower Association, sunflowers have traveled all over the world from their beginnings with Native Americans. The wild sunflower originated in North America, but the commercialization of the flower first took place in Russia. 

American Indian tribes were the first to domesticate the plant, and it was common for tribes to have sunflower crops that were harvested for their seeds and oil - used to make various types of foods. Sometime in the 1500s, the flower was taken to Europe by Spanish explorers where it became very popular for mainly decorative and medicinal purposes. 

Finally, in the late 19th century, the sunflower seed found its way back to the United States from Russia - and the rest is history.

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