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by Details Flowers ● 23 October ● News & Events, Partners

Our experience at the first annual FloriCon Event presented by the British Floral Association was truly amazing. Held in Loughborough, United Kingdom, from October 14th to 15th, this event brought together florists from England, Ireland, Scotland, and beyond. It was a fantastic opportunity to connect, learn, and be inspired. The event was a great opportunity for professionals in the floral industry, including seasoned florists, eager students, and various industry suppliers. 

One of the standout features of the FloriCon Event was the series of classes, each offering the best business advice for floral professionals. Whether learning about new products, exploring innovative floral design ideas, understanding the world of wholesale flowers, or discovering supplier options, the event was full of knowledge and hands-on experiences for attendees.

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Beyond the classroom experience, FloriCon was an excellent platform for networking and creating connections. It was a true meeting of minds, and countless stories and experiences were shared!

Large Blog Images copy 2Images: Regine with Thursd (top left); Oasis UK (top right); Oops a Daisy Florist (bottom left); Flower School London (bottom middle); Kate with BFA (bottom right)

We met many florists, students, and vendors as a sponsor and exhibitor. We couldn't have been more delighted to be part of such a vibrant and passionate community. A special shoutout goes to Cloud Hill Flowers, who added a burst of beauty to our booth with their stunning floral arrangements.

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Images: Cloud Hill Flowers (middle)

Our CEO, Corrine, taught a class on October 14th, emphasizing the significance of incorporating floral software into your business. The session aimed to provide a roadmap for leveraging technology to nurture business growth, find solutions where assistance is needed, and instill the confidence to apply this technology to their businesses.

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Images: Queen Bee Florist (top left); Kay's Flower School (top middle); Stephanie Harris with The Rose Garden (top right); Cloud Hill Flowers (bottom right)

The FloriCon Event also featured the highly anticipated 2023 BFA Awards Ceremony. Congratulations to Rose Garden for winning Retail Florist of The Year, Cloud Hill Flowers for Wedding/Event Florist of the Year, and all the other deserving category winners!

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Images: Cloud Hill Flowers (top left); Caroline with FloralBox (top middle); Tracy Tomlinson (top right); Regine with Thursd (bottom left); Stephanie and her husband from Rose Garden (bottom middle)

We thank the British Floral Association for hosting this wonderful event. It was great reconnecting with our UK flower friends and making new ones. We're already looking forward to reuniting with everyone next year!

About The British Floral Association

The British Floral Association (BFA) is a trade organization in the United Kingdom that represents the interests of the floral industry. It serves as a professional network for florists, suppliers, and individuals involved in the floral trade. The BFA offers various benefits to its members, including access to industry news, educational resources, networking opportunities, and discounts on products and services. The organization also promotes the interests of its members in the broader floral industry, advocating for favorable policies and practices. It plays a vital role in supporting and advancing the floral industry in the UK.

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