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We had the absolute pleasure of speaking with our great friend Nic Faitos from Starbright Floral Design for our October Masterclass! We talked about Nic's journey in the floral industry and how he has cultivated the ultimate 5 Star Customer Experience. If you could not join us this month, here is a complete recap!

Nic's journey through the floral industry is a testament to the power of marketing and sales in any business. With a strong background in these fields, he understood that success hinged on the ability to sell effectively. Nic took the bold step of cold-calling these significant entities in an industry that lacked substantial outbound marketing to large corporations at the time. This strategic move set the stage for Starbright's growth and prominence. Afterall, they are “The Official Florist of the City That Never Sleeps”!

Situated conveniently close to the flower market, Starbright's location played a crucial role in their evolution. Starting not as a retail shop, they adapted to their surroundings and embraced the corporate world. Corporate orders became the core of their business, underlining the importance of building relationships in the floral industry. Their approach wasn't about taking all the business but making the pie bigger for everyone.

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For corporate clients, reliability, value, and excellent service are paramount. Nic emphasizes that success in this arena hinges on remaining true to your mission and being genuine and kind. He highlights an intriguing example: The Moxy, one of Starbright's clients, transformed its front to resemble a flower shop. The results were astounding as people flocked to take photos surrounded by the blooms, demonstrating the positive impact of creativity in this business.

With stringent safeguards in place, customer service is the cornerstone of Starbright's success. The goal is to assure the client that every possible effort has been made to accommodate their needs. Cost considerations are secondary to the commitment to providing outstanding service. This approach ensures that clients are more likely to give a second chance, and Starbright seizes the opportunity to go above and beyond.

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Starbright boasts a dedicated team of around 35 people, some of whom have been with the company for over two decades. While approximately 10 team members focus on customer service and marketing, every staff member is an extension of Starbright and upholds the same high service standards. This dedication is ingrained in the onboarding process, fostering a culture of positive peer pressure. The entire team is invested in each other's success, emphasizing the importance of positive thinking and attitude.

Empowerment and decision-making are core principles at Starbright, with staff encouraged to make choices that benefit the customers. Success in business, they believe, is about focusing on the customer's needs rather than your own. It's an ethos that's visibly absent when the dollar sign dominates your perspective.

Moreover, Nic's story reflects that we can all learn from one another within the industry. Starbright is a family business, with Nic's son, Stephen, actively involved in the company. His journey, from working in the shop as a youngster to learning the ropes of running the business, showcases the enduring spirit of this remarkable floral enterprise. Corrine had the opportunity to visit the Starbright Staff during her travels to NYC. Check out her experience in this blog!

We cannot thank Nic enough for joining us this month and teaching us all about 5 Star Customer Service. Nic is a wealth of knowledge, if you have any questions, follow and message @starbrightnyc and he will be more than happy to answer your questions!

About Nic Faitos

NicBefore Starbright, Nic lived, worked, and studied in California, Greece, Florida, and New York in that order. After attending the University of Florida and moving to New York City, Nic sought ways to fuse his passion for creativity with a true love of marketing. Always looking for new and creative ways to present products, find needs, and create solutions. His career traveled all of the 1980s in publishing, technology, and financial 

Featured on ABC News, The Wall Street Journal, Crain’s Business, and at a presser with former Mayor Bloomberg, Faitos believes that there are more ways to market, promote, and build the floral business than there are possible ways to arrange the countless varieties of flowers in any composition. Above all, though, for Starbright, it is all about setting the standard in customer service and creating remarkable experiences that always amaze.

About Starbright Floral Design

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Starbright was formed in the fall of 1994 with a dynamic combination of passion and dreams. Passion for the artistry of flowers, quality, and customer service. Founders Eva and Nic remained true to the philosophy that if you give something all you have, try your hardest, and set a new standard in quality, the reward of success is near. What began as a twinkle in their eyes has culminated in Starbright becoming the most coveted florist in Manhattan. Starbright is in the heart of Manhattan's historic Chelsea neighborhood. Their long-standing relationships with the nearby New York City Historic Flower District have made Starbright a coveted name in the florist community and earned the moniker “The Official Florist of the City That Never Sleeps”. They are consistently voted by all major review sites as the Best Florist in NYC. They are thrilled to be “at your service”.


Watch the full masterclass replay below!

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