Details Visits The Big Apple!

by Details Flowers ● 17 October ● News & Events, Partners

I had the opportunity to travel to New York City this past week for a flower-filled adventure! From teaching at Flower School New York, touring the headquarters of the Official Florist of The City That Never Sleeps,  to judging beautiful floral installations at the Hudson Yards--this experience was packed with blossoming connections and unforgettable memories. I wanted to share my experience and thank everyone who made this trip so special!

FlowerSchool NY

I had the wonderful opportunity to visit FlowerSchool New York and share my knowledge with the eager students, and it was an absolute delight. During my visit, I conducted a session titled "From Petals to Profits: The Art of Leveraging Details for Upselling," where we dived into event sales and how to harness the power of Details to wow your clients.

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It was wonderful to catch up with Calvert and the dedicated staff at FSNY. Their warm welcome and passion for floral education never cease to amaze me. FlowerSchool New York continues to be a hub of learning and creativity, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the floral community through this experience. It's always a pleasure to see the school's commitment to nurturing the talents of budding florists and expanding their horizons.

Starbright Floral Design

Our visit to Starbright Floral Design was an extraordinary experience, all thanks to the generous hospitality of my dear friend, Nic Faitos. Starbright Floral Design holds a special place in the heart of New York City as a renowned and cherished florist known for its exceptional floral artistry. During our stay in the city, my husband Greg and I had the pleasure of checking into the Moxie Hotel, where we were immediately captivated by the enchanting floral installations that adorned the entire hotel. It was a breathtaking display of creativity and craftsmanship, setting the perfect tone for our visit--all created by the talented designers at Starbright!Large Blog Images (3) copy-2
The VIP tour of Starbright's shop was the highlight of our day, and it felt as though we were stepping into a world of floral wonder. We had the privilege of exploring every corner of their enchanting space, witnessing firsthand the dedication, expertise, and artistry that go into creating their stunning floral arrangements. What made our visit truly special was the warm and welcoming atmosphere created by the staff. It was as if we had become a part of the Starbright Family!

To cap off this memorable day, we had the pleasure of sharing a delightful dinner and evening with Nic and his son, Stephen. The evening was filled with engaging conversations, laughter, and the joy of good company.  Our visit to Starbright Floral Design was a heartwarming experience that left us with cherished memories and a deepened connection to this floral haven in the heart of the Big Apple. It was certainly a highlight of the trip! Go Gators!

Fleurs de Villes, Hudson Yards

Although I've had the privilege of judging Fleurs de Villes shows in the past, the recent showcase at Hudson Yards was nothing short of extraordinary. The designs on display left a lasting impression, each a testament to the remarkable talent and creativity of the participating designers. With great enthusiasm, I extend my congratulations to SPAIN by Serbio of Piropo Flowers for securing the well-deserved title of Best in Show. INDIA by Polycarp Flowers is equally deserving of applause, which claimed the title of Most Creative, a nod to their innovative and captivating floral artistry.

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Collaborating with fellow judge Jill Brooke of Flower Power Daily was an absolute pleasure. Her keen insights and passion for the world of floristry enriched the judging experience, and it was an honor to work alongside such a respected colleague in the field. Jill also crafted a beautiful recap of the event, offering a detailed and visually stunning account of the captivating designs and the remarkable stories behind them. If you're eager to relive the magic of the Hudson Yards Fleurs de Villes show, I encourage you to click here to check out Jill's comprehensive recap. It's a delightful journey through a world of blooming artistry that's not to be missed. If you are in the NYC Area, stop by the Hudson Yards to check out the displays! 

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Lastly, we traveled to Bedford Hills to enjoy the countryside and to meet FSNY Alumni and Details Members! Experiencing New York through the eyes of a fellow flower enthusiast was truly a remarkable and unforgettable journey. I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who made this trip so special and memorable. Your enthusiasm, hospitality, and camaraderie added an extra layer of magic to our floral adventure, and I'm deeply appreciative of the wonderful moments and lasting memories we created together!

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