Earth Day & The Environmentally Friendly Florist

by Details Flowers ● 15 April ● News & Events

It's Earth Day next week and that means that people everywhere are thinking about ways we can be greener and environmentally friendly. It goes without saying how important the environment is to the floral industry; all of the beautiful blooms and greenery used in floral products come from the natural world we live in and having a healthy planet is essential to our industry. Of course, having clean water to drink, fresh air to breathe, and all of the other things that come with a healthy planet are important too! 

Ways to Go Green

As members of the floriculture industry, we have a moral responsibility to be conscientious of the way we impact the environment and the natural world, so let's look at some ways florists can do their part to support a healthy planet, minimize waste, and conduct business responsibly.

  • Buy Locally: We can't say this often enough - we so encourage florists (and consumers) to support local businesses. When florists source their products from local farms and suppliers, they're cutting down on the resources it takes for that product to reach them!
  • Reduce Overage: Keep track of what you need to use and what you don't. Ordering more products than you need creates waste and costs you more money. We have quite a few tools in Details to help you manage your counts and get them right, too!
  • Compost: Most blooms and greenery are totally safe for the compost. Clippings, trimmings, and damaged products should all go into your compost and not into the trash bin!
  • Reduce the use of Floral Foam: Floral foam is single-use, non-recyclable, non-compostable plastic that ultimately breaks down into micro-plastic, the most prevalent and difficult to clean up kind found polluting the natural world - yikes. The less of this you can use, the better for the environment. Try something more sustainable, like the Holly Chapple Egg or even a piece of chicken wire!
  • Re-use & Recycle Vases: Offer to recycle vases or containers, or better yet, offer to refill them with new flowers at a discount. Incentivize your clients to return to you and to make eco-friendly choices of their own!

There are small, easy-to-implement practices we can all implement to help keep our world cleaner, greener, and healthier. 

Celebrating Earth Day with Flowers

As we know, the main goal of Earth Day is to raise awareness about the natural beauty of our planet and give back to our environment. Planting trees and flowers in parks, at home, or in other public places throughout the community is a great way to draw attention to your local natural environment - as people are naturally attracted to the visual appeal of colorful flower gardens and luscious green open spaces.

Another way to celebrate is to encourage others to gift flowers to family and friends. Florists already have the incredible job of working to bring the beauty of nature into homes across the globe, so encouraging others to send flowers during this holiday will help to raise awareness and spread appreciation for the beauties of nature - not to mention the many health benefits there are to having plants around the house.

As members of a greater horticulture hierarchy, we are obligated to look out for the planet and all the beautiful things that grow on it. Happy Earth Day!

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