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Petal it Forward: Details to Join National Campaign

If you’ve ever been the recipient of a random act of kindness, you know the euphoric feeling a good deed can bring and how it often inspires others to do the same. 

Details Flowers Petal it Forward

Whether it’s a paying for the next person’s coffee or an unexpected gift, random acts of kindness are contagious. On Oct. 11, florists across the country are joining in and randomly surprising strangers with floral bouquets---one for them to keep and one to share with a stranger, coworker or family member. The national campaign Petal it Forward is being organized through the Society of American Florists. Last year more than 230 florists in 50 states participated in the event. 


If you are in Central Florida, be on the lookout for floral bouquet giveaways from Details Flowers Software. Our floral software company is always looking for ways to make others smile and Petal it Forward is a great way to promote the power of flowers. We’ll randomly select strangers to receive the bouquets. You can find a list of all florists participating in Petal it Forward here.

Details Flowers Petal It Forward

Did you know that new research shows a correlation between emotional health and flowers? A recent study by Rutgers University found that florists have an immediate impact on happiness, create long term positive effects on moods and helps form intimate connections between family and friends. The smell and color of flowers can also have a profound impact on the senses and create feelings of calm and happiness. Petal it Forward is a great way for others to discover the power of flowers to boost office morale, encourage a loved one or impress a significant other. If you are a florist looking to get involved, visit the Society of American Florists website for toolkits and more information about creating your own Petal it Forward event. And if you are in the Daytona Beach area, be on the lookout for a bouquet from Details Flowers Software!

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Always Blooming, 
-The Details Flowers Team 

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