5 Traits of Incredible Employees

As your business continues to grow (way to go!), you're going to need to hire employees to help you accomplish your goals. But, where do you even start? The expansive pool of candidates can be overwhelming to begin with, but once you find that select few, you should hone in on a few traits you'd like your future employees to have. Keep reading to learn what 5 traits incredible employees possess!

They Don't Boast

There is something to be said about talking-the-talk, but not being able to walk-the-walk. When you are talking to your candidate, are they focusing on how amazing they are? If so, they might be trying to over-compensate for their lack of real skill. An ideal candidate will let their success speak for itself.

They Want to Learn New Things
You might be interviewing someone that really excites you, but they don't know the system you work with. Should you show them the door? No way! If they are expressing an interest in the challenge of learning something new, then keep the conversation going. Great employees will take the time to learn what they need to by using the tools you supply them with. Better yet, a fresh set of eyes might catch things you might have missed and create new ways to solve problems. 


They Improve & Learn from Their Failures 
Within every problem lies an opportunity. Does your candidate follow that mantra, or do they cower when you start to discuss difficult situations from their past employment history. Look for an candidate that will honestly share their past failures and tell you what they learned from it. 

They Strive to Be Incredible, Not Perfect 
Obtaining perfection is an impossible feat. Your candidate should aim for the stars to be the best he or she can be, but not perfection. Your potential employee should express how proud they are of the work they accomplished and share how they exceeded expectations, not express how perfect their work is. 


They Come to Work Engaged and Ready for Success  
Each employee should have a life outside of work, and it should always be encouraged. Does your candidate come to work with his or her thoughts sorted and ready to take on their work-life? This is a great question to focus on when you are contacting professional references. Knowing your candidates over-all demeanor when they first walk through the door is going to help you understand them better. Almost all potential employees show up with a smile on their face for the interview, but will they when that first day rolls around? 

 In the Details Flowers office, we have been taking some time to have collaborative discussions, not just about what a great employee is, but our own company culture. Employees that believe in the mission of the company are the building blocks that will help shape and grow your business!

We believe in Details Flowers Software and the potential it has to set your creative side free while taking care of back-office business. You've been dreaming of expanding, let us help you make that dream a reality. Request an invite below and try us 7 days for free! We can't wait to see you bloom! 

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