4 Tips for Attracting & Keeping the Best Floral Talent

This day and age, finding the perfect employee can prove to be a challenge. The process requires time and effort if you want to keep your floral company blooming. Attracting and retaining a talented floral staff is key for creating a thriving floral business and avoiding the high cost of employee turnover. As floral designers, we blossom in creative environments, so ensuring the right balance of innovation and structured systems will help create a productive and satisfying environment for employees. Are you looking to create your own unique culture that attracts A-list talent? Follow these 4 tips: 

Define your Mission
What is your company's mission statement? Is it embedded into the work you do everyday? Defining your culture and communicating your core values in your work, company handbooks, and processes will ensure that everyone understands what your culture and company mission is. Ask yourself these questions: what sets your business apart from the competition? What is your signature concept? Having a purpose based mission will help everyone remember the bigger picture. 

4 Tips for Attracting & Keeping the Best Floral Talent

Create Systems

Have you created employee contracts, an employee handbook, or created clearly defined roles for your floral talent? Having these systems and policies in place will help keep employees, and employer alike, on the same page. By creating set-in-stone expectations, you can be confident that your employees will be able to start out on the right foot. 

Offer Creative Perks
Don't underestimate the power of a small reward system to keep employees happy and productive. Something as simple as ringing a victory bell each time your staff closes a new account can go a long way. Constantly look for new ways to find opportunities to celebrate achievements. Lead your team into understanding your mission by hosting regular collaborative meetings. Here at Details Flowers, we enjoy a morning meeting each day to set goals and discuss the day's events. We also host fun events like Whiskey Wednesday, and are open to bringing in yoga instructors and massage therapists to treat our employees. These seemingly small perks do not require substantial time away from the business, but they will motivate your team to do their best. 

4 Tips for Attracting & Keeping the Best Floral Talent
Invest in Your Staff
Instead of only conducting exit interviews when employees depart, consider conducting periodic "stay" interviews to find out what your employees are looking for in their personal development and career path. This is a great time to help them set short-term and long-term goals, as well as revisit previous goals. You can find ways to invest in their personal growth through additional training, courses, or new software and products. 

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