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What's in your bucket?

Establishing company values and policies is a key first step in building and maintaining business success in the floral industry and beyond. Creating thoughtful guidelines protects you and your customers, sets you up for ongoing success, and gives you freedom by having a solid foundation to build upon.

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So, let’s talk about what you need to get started! 

We’ll first cover some business basics, such as branding and social media presence. In the modern world, these are some of the most important bases to cover. Most customers will find you online or, at the very least, look you up to get an idea of who you are.

Start by creating social media profiles and a website for your business, and then populate them with your logo and content to help you stand out. These are powerful tools to connect with customers and are one of the many things that will give you the competitive edge!

Next, you’ll need to get down to the nitty-gritty of developing robust policies and terms. This is essential to create a thriving business and will set every client up for success. Take a look at the following list of areas you will need to cover within your policies:

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  • Retainers & Payments 
  • Convenience Fees & Taxes
  • Liability
  • Guest Counts/Attendance
  • Proposals & Contracting
  • Payment Scheduling & Processing
  • Rentals & Damages
  • Customer Cancellations
  • Substitutions
  • Artistic License
  • Photography & Permitted Uses
  • Weather Clauses



A little daunting, isn’t it? With Details Flowers it isn’t! We’ll give you the framework and our support team will walk you through the steps, simplifying the process and freeing you up to focus your energy on what makes you so special: your creativity!

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We’ve got powerful tools you can use to streamline your process, created and managed by event designers and florists just like you. You can set event defaults, build policies, manage financials, and generate beautiful proposals – all essential items to have in your bucket. (42)

By establishing company values, policies, and standard procedures, you’re gathering the tools you need to freely create and succeed in the long-term. So, fill your bucket and go - let us handle the details!

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Enjoy this free check-list created by the Details Flowers Team! Happy bucket-filling!

Updated Bucket Worksheet

Download a Printable PDF of this checklist here.

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