Wedding day Sniffles - Calling all Florists!

What would you do on your wedding day if you got the sniffles? Oh the horror! The worst part is that the popular flower arrangements you created are causing your allergies to act up! All the time and planning with florists or event designers for the big day could not prepare the bride for this. Here are some details about what to consider and how to avoid sniffles on your wedding day:

Some blooms to avoid: 

  • Chrysanthemums, or mums, even though beautiful, they are very allergy triggering.
  • With hyacinth don't be fooled by these purple and blue beauties. Inside that bell-shaped bloom is a pollen bomb waiting to explode.
  • Freesia, although amazing smelling, is a pollen monster and would not be ideal for your wedding day.

Remember that these are just some of the blooms to look out for when planning our spring wedding. 

Some flowers to consider:

  • Hydrangeas are great in centerpieces around your guests. These lush blooms are perfect for the occasion, but watch out, they may be toxic if eaten.
  • The African native flower called calla lilies are flowers that can work with almost any look. They are elegant, but also unusual in their shape. These are not to be ignored. 
  • The simple geraniums are great flowers that will not cause allergies to act up as badly as the other pollen bombs listed above. 


The blooms listed above are really beautiful and if you have allergies you should consider them for your special day (there are many others like them too).

When working with event designers who use Details Flowers Software, a floral arrangement design software, you are able to choose a variety of blooms and greenery and check any descriptions you may have added about their characteristics, from allergens to aromatherapy benefits

Spring weddings are beautiful, but if your get sick the moment spring rolls around, then maybe you want to reconsider a wedding in March or April. A stuffy nose on one of the most important days of your life sounds like a downer. Making the big day go off without a hitch can be done with extra care and better planning. Details Flowers, your number one florist software, can help you do this! Hopefully this quick list will help you on your journey when deciding the flowers for the wedding of your dreams, especially if you have strong allergies.

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