Wedding Consultations 101

by Details Flowers ● 13 April ● Tips & Tricks

With the arrival of Spring, wedding consultations are beginning to pour in, signaling that this will be a busy wedding season! But how do you wow your prospective clients and distinguish yourself from the other florists they are considering? It's all about the details that will help you stand out the most! Here are some pointers to help you through the consultation process and wow your clients.


(Details Flowers' Holly Chapple Exclusive Joy Proposal Template)

Presentation is Key

First impressions are everything. In the initial consultation, you sell your services to your prospective clients. Make sure to show off what you are known for! If you are doing the meeting in your studio, have a sample of an arrangement ready to show to your client. It's essential to be well-presented. During these consultations, you should dress to impress! Make sure you arrive on time and provide the most exemplary service possible. Keep your customers comfortable by providing refreshments.

You can create a spectacular proposal right in front of your client using Details Flowers Software. Going over the precise blooms and recipes you have in mind for their occasion will help them feel more involved in the planning process–especially those who like to know every aspect of what will be happening! Their story will come to life through your words and images in the Proposal. 


Listen to Your Clients

Yes, you are marketing your services, but most of the talking should be done by the clients. Inquire about how they met, their likes and dislikes, and what they are most looking forward to as a married couple. They have all the tools you need to create the story you want to tell for their wedding. Take notes! There is a Client Portal in Details where you can log all notes from every meeting with a specific client. No more misplaced notebooks!

Listening to the little details your clients mention during the consultation can fuel follow-up correspondence. In your conversation after the consultation, thank them for their time and include a few things discussed. If they mentioned that they are moving into a new home, ask them how that process is going for them!  

Create a relationship with everyone that walks through your studio door. Weddings can be stressful for your clients, especially during the beginning stages. Leave out the Car Salesman's persona! Be their guiding light and confidant during this exciting time. 

hc-faith-proposal(Details Flowers' Holly Chapple Exclusive Faith Proposal Template)

Open Communication

You have sold your client on how you can design their wedding, and everything you have created is out of their budget. How many times have you had to go back and adjust plans? It is an excellent practice to have an idea of a budget before getting too involved in the consultation process. Inquiry forms are a great way to find out the specifics of a client before a sit-down meeting. Include an area where prospective clients can add their ideal budget range when looking to learn more about your services. An Inquiry form can be a great way to learn more about your client to have a more personable conversation when you sit down for the consultation!

If a payment schedule is discussed, be clear on payment types and deadlines so there are no surprises once the time comes. Include these stipulations in your Contract Terms, so it is in a signed document. 
With these new strategies, you'll be able to impress your clients and book more events. The most important message is to pay attention to what your client is saying and use flowers to communicate their story. What kind of hero would you be if you made the bride's grandmother's favorite flower a part of her bridal bouquet? If you use these tips in your next consultation, it will undoubtedly be a success!

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