The Importance of Clarity and Professionalism: Lessons from Home Improvement and Floral Software

by Details Flowers ● 23 January ● News & Events, Partners

As the founder of a software company catering to the floral industry, I recently reflected on the importance of clarity and professionalism in any business. This realization struck me during a personal experience with a home improvement project.

Eight years ago, my family and I purchased an old fixer-upper, a charming house with a lot of potential. One of the key features of this property was a pair of pergolas at the front and back entrances, designed to mirror the symmetrical elegance of George Washington’s Mount Vernon. However, these pergolas fell into even more disrepair amidst the whirlwind of running a business.

The time came to restore these structures, so I started the process of hiring a contractor. This is where my frustration began. Despite the significant financial investment involved, the bids I received were remarkably unprofessional, lacking in detail and visual representations of the planned work. This starkly contrasted the standards we uphold in our own software company, where even the smallest details are meticulously attended to.

Our software is designed to elevate the floral industry, providing tools that enable florists to create detailed, visually appealing proposals. These proposals not only offer a clear vision of the final product but also instill a sense of confidence and trust in our clients. They make our florists look like the rock stars they are, leaving no room for doubt or questions about the quality of their work.

This experience made me realize the disparity between the standards in different industries. While I had just made a significant down payment for the pergola project, I felt uncertain and uneasy, a feeling our clients rarely, if ever, experienced.

This leads me to think that many industries, especially those in home improvement, could learn a thing or two from the way we do things at Details. Clear communication, detailed proposals, and a professional approach build trust and set a business up for success.

As I question the vague and sparse information provided by my contractors, I feel proud of the professionalism we have achieved in the floral software industry. It's a testament to the power of providing customers with a clear and detailed vision, which I hope more industries will adopt.

So, here's to setting high standards, fostering trust, and ensuring customer satisfaction in every industry. Just like our florists, every professional has the potential to be a rock star in their field. It's all about the details.

Love, Corrine-1

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