Top Products & Blooms in Details Flowers Software for 2023

by Details Flowers ● 24 January ● Partners

We've gathered the data from 2023 and are excited to highlight the top products our members used for their events in our software! Presenting the Top 10 Items from each of our partners for 2023. These products stood out for making a real impact on events throughout the year. Cheers to our amazing partners and florists for raising the bar in event design!

Jet Fresh Flower Distributors

Jet Fresh transcends the ordinary bouquet brigade; they're the floral wizards enchanting every petal with magic. Founded in 2008 by Michael Black, Jet Fresh stands as the ultimate destination for wholesale flower needs among florists. Michael's vision for Jet Fresh is clear – to forge enduring, quality relationships that foster industry growth. Here are the ten products our Dedicated Detailers adored from Jet Fresh last year:



With Rosaprima, your bouquet isn't merely a collection of roses; it's a blossoming spectacle! Established in 1995, Rosaprima is a global purveyor of premium roses. Constantly attuned to industry trends, the Rosaprima team dedicates itself to cultivating luxurious blooms tailored for florists. Nestled on a 400-acre farm in Ecuador, the ideal climate facilitates the cultivation of over 150 rose varieties, each nurtured with meticulous care. Here are the ten most sought-after blooms from Rosaprima featured in Details last year:


Alaska Peony

Indulge in the allure of peonies from the Last Frontier with Alaska Peony Cooperative. Formed to unite farmers and amplify their voice in the specialty cut flower market, the cooperative operates on principles of responsibility, stewardship, and collaboration, enabling them to achieve greater impact collectively than as individual farms. Here are the top five peonies used the most in Details events during 2023:


Alexandra Farms

Garden Roses galore! Alexandra Farms stands as the world's largest garden rose grower, harvesting over 300,000 stems weekly, totaling nearly 16 million stems annually. Cultivating close to 60 varieties at their Colombian farm, they provide florists and designers worldwide with a rich palette of colors, shapes, and fragrances to elevate their creations. These ten were the most used in 2023 Details events:



Flowers to fit lifestyles! Ball stands at the forefront of horticulture, boasting a global network of breeders, research and development teams, suppliers, and distribution companies spanning 6 continents and 20 countries. Their cutting-edge products align seamlessly with the demands of contemporary gardening. Explore the top ten blooms from Ball that graced floral designs in 2023:


Haus of Stems

Irithurium; a new species of flower. Haus of Stems, conceived by Kristen Alpaugh, emerges as an artistic haven where creativity blooms in every hand-painted stem. Specializing in iridescent anthuriums, aptly named 'irithuriums,' and luxurious botanicals, Haus of Stems transcends the traditional flower shop. It's an art studio that beautifully accentuates nature's most enchanting qualities.


The Garcia Group/FloraMart

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, The Pete Garcia Company™, Inc., a family-owned enterprise, proudly owns FloraMart®. This innovative venture was founded to facilitate the acquisition of non-perishable floral goods and related supplies. Pioneering the establishment of a facility dedicated to enhancing the availability and procurement of floral hard goods was a forward-thinking move. In an era where Markets have gained immense popularity, it's noteworthy that Floramart® stood among the pioneers of this trend! These ten products were the most popular amongst Detailers in 2023:


Accent Decor

Setting the gold standard in the event and floral industries, Accent Decor is synonymous with exquisite ceramics and glassware. Driven by the philosophy that customers deserve nothing but the finest, the proprietors of Accent Decor embark on a global quest each season, curating a collection that consistently resides at the forefront of contemporary trends.



Established in 1954, Smithers-Oasis embarked on a transformative journey under the visionary V. L. Smithers, who revolutionized the floral industry with the invention of water-absorbing foam for florists. Since then, it has evolved into a preeminent global manufacturer and marketer, specializing in floral foam, accessory products, cellular growing media, and a diverse array of horticultural solutions.


Syndicate Sales

Syndicate Sales, a cherished family-owned and operated enterprise, has been a stalwart provider of supplies to the flower industry. Established by Del Demaree Sr. in 1946, the company gained renown with the introduction of the Aquapic©—a revolutionary translucent plastic water tube with a rubber cap, simplifying the insertion of flower stems and leaving an indelible mark on the floral landscape.


Thank you to our amazing Detailers for a successful 2023, and to our cherished partners for their valued collaboration!

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