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In this exclusive interview, Courtney Champagne, an agricultural science teacher in Texas, shares her experiences, shedding light on the impact of Details Flowers Software in her curriculum. Courtney shares how Details has revolutionized her teaching methods and empowered students to explore the world of floristry. Join us as we explore Courtney's innovative approach, where a software solution becomes the catalyst for inspiring the next generation of floral professionals.

Can you provide a brief introduction to yourself, your role as a teacher, and the courses you teach?

Testimonial Page-Jan-17-2024-08-20-59-3436-PMI'm Courtney Champagne, an agricultural science teacher with fifteen years of experience in Texas. As an Ag Teacher, I play many roles, including teaching floral design classes. Texas considers Floral Design an art credit, and I teach nothing but Floral Design. My beginner students take an introductory floral design class to learn the principles and elements of design. In contrast, my advanced floral design class focuses on the business aspects of floral design. In this class, we lay the foundation for students to work at The Tiger Lily, our in-house flower shop. My third and fourth-year students run The Tiger Lily, which caters to the school district and employees. They handle monthly floral subscriptions, bid and propose event work for district events, and create tribute pieces for community members we have lost.

How did you first learn about Details Flowers Software, and what motivated you to incorporate it into your curriculum?

My biggest struggles have always been project planning and bid submission for event work in my classes. Whenever I attempted to organize class projects or events, I found myself surrounded by papers, charts, and Excel documents, trying to determine what materials would be required for the job. Trying to perfect stem counts and pricing accuracy was a nightmare, and I dreaded the entire planning process. Hours went by, and I was still stuck in the same place. I knew there had to be a software solution for florists that could assist me with my unique problem. Then, my good friend, Ace Berry AIFD, suggested a program to help alleviate my headaches. And boy, was he right! This software has enabled me to plan projects more efficiently, and I can now teach my advanced students how to create professional event proposals that are both profitable and successful.

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While primarily designed for event and retail florists, this tool can be modified to suit classroom needs. With numerous advantages, it would be foolish not to take advantage of the program. One helpful practice is to use the "Events" feature as a substitute for class projects. This enables me to plan class labs efficiently while keeping an eye on the budget. Additionally, I can save my arrangement recipes to the program's built-in database for future use, which is incredibly useful.

In what ways has Details Flowers Software enhanced your curriculum and the learning experience for your students?

Details Flowers Software has revolutionized how I teach by enabling me to maximize every dollar of my school's budget. With this platform, I can expertly manage project stem counts, allowing my students a more hands-on experience with the flowers. Thanks to this innovative tool, I can ensure that my students receive the best possible learning experience while staying within budget.


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As an educator, I always strive to enhance my content and offer my students the best possible learning opportunities. Thanks to Details, I created a profitable avenue for advanced floral and practicum classes for third and fourth-year students who love to do event work. One of the highlights of our program is designing florals for the Silsbee Education Foundation's Annual Casino Night, which is a major event in our small town. By employing Details, we could plan and execute our client's vision. The program also helped us to offer a collaborative learning experience with our photography students. Floral design students planned a fall-inspired stylized shoot, which the photography students photographed. Each floral design student group had access to Details and utilized the program to create their project vision. It's these types of learning experiences that students benefit from the most.


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My students at The Tiger Lily have found Details invaluable, particularly for understanding their business's breakdown and profitability. Seeing how much they have taken ownership of our in-house flower shop is amazing! They are driven to run a profitable business and learn to be cost-effective. While not all of my students will pursue a career in the floral industry, I believe a solid business knowledge is essential for success in any field. Thanks to Details Flowers Software, I have a tool that helps me teach my students how to manage a business effectively, and I am grateful for it.

What steps do you take to inspire and cultivate a passion for the floral industry among your students, hoping they will consider pursuing careers in this field?

As an educator, I find it invigorating to introduce my students to the endless possibilities in the floral industry. Through hands-on activities such as event planning, client order fulfillment, and competitive floral design contests, students can experience various aspects of the trade. Witnessing their creativity flourish brings me immense joy, and I'm confident that those who choose to pursue a career in this field will excel, thanks to the preparation they received in my class. The class opens doors to numerous opportunities, even for those who don't pursue a floral career.

You've been involved in coordinating teacher retreats. What do you do at these retreats, and how are they beneficial to all teachers?

As a Floral Design Teacher, I'm passionate about cultivating the creative spirit that lies within every educator. Too often, we believe that our profession is less artistic than others, but that couldn't be further from the truth. I've dedicated myself to showing other teachers how to tap into their inner Floral artists with my unique retreats. Our program allows teachers to reflect on their year and collaborate with peers to improve their classroom effectiveness. Additionally, our participants get the chance to create beautiful, professionally photographed pieces, giving them a head start on their professional portfolios. It's essential to remind teachers that they are artists, too, and that they deserve to unleash their creativity unapologetically.

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The mission of Details Flowers Software, to inspire the next generation of floral professionals and provide tools for all skill levels to excel in their craft, resonates in Courtney's classroom. By incorporating innovative practices, Courtney has streamlined her project planning and empowered her students to have a more hands-on experience with flowers. As we celebrate the successes of The Tiger Lily and the collaborative learning experiences created through Details, it becomes evident that our software is not just a tool but a catalyst for cultivating a passion for the floral industry among students. Courtney's dedication to showcasing the endless possibilities within the floral trade, including her involvement in teacher retreats that inspire educators to embrace their inner floral artists, exemplifies a commitment to creativity and opens doors to exceptional opportunities. With the help of Details Flowers Software, Courtney continues to shape the next generation of floral professionals. 

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