The Bloom Show Recap: Guest Host Corrine Heck of Details Flowers Software & Alejandro Perez of Komet Sales

by Details Flowers ● 6 March ● News & Events, Partners

Our CEO, Corrine, had the opportunity to be a guest host on New Bloom Solutions', The Bloom Show with her special guest Alejandro Perez, Founder of Komet Sales. It was such a fun and informative conversation! If you missed out on the live broadcast, here is a show recap!


Alejandro has a background in psychology and has always had a love for entrepreneurship. Since he was young, he "hustled" and worked hard to create a name for himself. Before he got started in the floral industry, Alejandro was working as a programmer at a textile factory. One day a friend of his called him up about some programming work for a flower farm in Miami, so Alejandro drove down there, and the rest is history!

kometAbout Komet

Komet Sales is a platform for growers, importers, and wholesalers in the floral industry to improve their sales process by having all the information they need to provide great customer service. Businesses can manage their warehouses using labels, scanners, and reports to reconcile their inventory easily. Customers can buy and check invoices, preorders, and the status of their accounts at any time and from anywhere.

Floral Industry Impact


"Our philosophy is to allow our customers to do more with less." -Alejandro Perez

Komet Sales has transformed the floral industry. The team is constantly innovating so their customers can improve their business needs. Alejandro humbly credits those "in the trenches" whom he has had hundreds of conversations with, taken a ton of notes, and re-visited once he had a solution to made sure Komet had everything they needed. Komet focuses on creating solutions solely for the floral industry for the foreseeable future.

Team Building

Alejandro believes fully in the three Ps of business; People, Products, and Profits. The more you take care of and invest in your team, the more they care about the product, and the profits come naturally! The book he recommends to those looking to start a business is "The Hard Thing About Hard Things" by Ben Horowitz. 

Alejandro's philosophy is to work hard and play hard. He makes sure to manage his time so he can avoid feeling overwhelmed. When he wants to relax, he rides his bike, spends time with his kids, and listens to audio books.

Thank you so much to the team at The Bloom Show for this opportunity to step in as Guest Host and to Alejandro for being such an amazing guest. If you want to watch the show's replay, click the thumbnail above!

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