Slow Flowers Society: Embracing Local, Seasonal, and Sustainable Flowers

In honor of our upcoming Masterclass with Debra Prinzing, we wanted to showcase the Slow Flowers Society and its initiative to champion locally grown flowers.

Meet Slow Flowers

This community aims to change the direction of the flower industry to focus more on sustainable options when purchasing flowers. "Slow Flowers is a response to the dramatic changes of the past 25 years. It recognizes that there is a disconnect that has disengaged humans from fragrant garden flowers and small-scale flower farming. It aspires to take back the act of flower growing and recognize it as a relevant and respected branch of agriculture." (Debra Prinzing, A Slow Flowers Manifesto

Published in 2013, Slow Flowers ignited the conversation of the drastic need to step away from the consumption of perishable goods in the floral industry and to be more conscious about imported flowers. Debra has created valuable resources for those who are members of the Slow Flower Society to make domestic florals a priority. A directory is available that connects florists, farmers, retailers, designers, and consumers to listings of businesses that have taken the pledge to only source local. There, you will find information about floral classes and workshops, local delivery, wholesalers of American Grown flowers, and so much more!


The online magazine, The Slow Flowers Journal, highlights the society members and their journey to promote organic design. Weekly, Debra hosts the Slow Flowers Podcast inviting farmer florists and innovators alike to talk about the ever-changing industry and the need for sustainable avenues. An advocate for the cause can provide testimonials on the benefit of the switch and the damage caused by years of neglect. 

Slow Flowers Summit | June 28-30, 2021

Want to see the action in person? The Slow Flowers Society has numerous events, workshops, and even meet-ups for its members! The annual Slow Flowers Summit is the perfect opportunity to meet creatives that want to build a more sustainable future for floral production. We are so excited to be a Sponsor of this year's summit! This event takes place during American Flowers Week (June 28th- July 4th) in Woodside, California, which celebrates homegrown flowers all over the United States. 

To learn more about the Slow Flowers Society and how you can become a member, visit their website today! 

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