Creative Spaces: A Glance Inside "Where We Bloom"

"Creatives described to me how they feel a boost of emotions upon walking through the doorway of their studio or arriving at a pavilion or greenhouse in the garden, their arms laden with bunches of just-picked blooms. Leaving the digital world behind, they embrace the physical and sensory act of holding flowers in their hands, fully immersed in their craft." (Debra Prinzing, Where We Bloom)

"Where Do You Bloom?"

where-we-bloom-features(Spaces top left to bottom right: @blossomthymehill, @bloomincouture, @farmgalflowers, @jessica_starryfieldsfarm)

This is the question posed in Debra Prinzing's new publication, Where We Bloom, examining thirty-seven unique spaces where creativity grows. The contents burst from the pages as you dive into each individual space and the heart poured into them. Spaces big and small, they are all represented in splendor fashion. We are honored to be a sponsor of this inspiring collection and to share the stories of incredible creatives! 

Thin Blog Images-May-11-2021-07-03-33-44-PMThe space that one inhabits should spark imagination and the drive to create something spectacular. It does not have to be a state-of-the-art building or storefront; it could be in the comforts of your own home or backyard. The beauty of a creative space is that It is completely customized by your creative process. Farmers and florists alike share their billowing farms, clever caravans, and endearing workshops to show that no one space is truly the same.  

Stop & Smell The Flowers

verbenaliving2(A glance at's beautiful remodeled floral studio)

"It's such a gift and it's a relief to spend time with my flowers. Everything else disappears and my heart just feels better." (Karen Plarisan and Karly Sahr: Verbena Living, Where We Bloom). It is more than just flowers; it is the emotional connection between the creator and nature's gifts that make it so special. Letting the inhibitions go and living in the moment is where the power truly lies! The possibilities are endless when you are in a space that is tailored to the originality and style of the designer. 

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We Want To See YOUR Space!

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To celebrate the release of “Where We Bloom” and our May Masterclass with Debra, we are holding a contest to see YOUR creative space! Whether your space is organized or messy, it doesn’t matter - We want to see where your imagination thrives!

Three lucky winners will receive:

  • One (3rd place) Free Month to Details Flowers Software + A Copy of "Where We Bloom!"
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All you have to do is post a photo on Instagram of your creative studio space. Bonus points for including a shot of our software or proposals in your space! Use hashtag #wherewebloomdetails and tag us (@detailsflowers) and Bloom Imprint (@bloom.imprint) in your photo.⁠
We are accepting entries from now until May 24th, 2021. The winner will be announced on May 25th!
We can’t wait to see where your creativity blooms!

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