Details Flowers Software is Priceless

As the creator of Details Flowers, my family was "rooted" in the floral industry for 30+ years and I was 'raised and blossomed' in our floral industry. An advantage of years of experience is acquiring knowledge and understanding of our floral supply chain. Having owned my own floral shop, worked in online sales and with growers and suppliers; I have been fortunate to learn about our business from so many vantage points. One of the great things about sharing Details Flowers with our community is the ability to bring value to other floral designers. I have heard so many times from our clients that Details is priceless because there is a real understanding of the challenges and needs of floral designers.

One of the first things I noticed is how time consuming it was to prepare proposals for brides and events. I also listened to my floral peers and event friends how they also got bogged down with creating proposals, building a library of all the fabulous designs they created and keeping up with backend office day-to-day duties. I wanted to solve that problem in my own business and ultimately created something that solves the same problems in our industry. Some of my favorite words to hear are "I love Details Flowers software and believe it is priceless!!!"


As business owners we know the hourly rate of our staff and designers. These people are the backbone of our business. I have heard time and again how Details has saved tremendous amounts of time for florists and staff to prepare stellar proposals for their brides and customers. That makes me smile because it reflects on what was initially something I created to make my business more efficient and now provides this to other floral designers and florists. What took me about 5-10 hours to research and create a proposal is now is done in minutes. What really impacted me was the amount of feedback I received on how it did the same for others. Imagine, how you and your staff can use those additional hours in your business. Quick example, If you are paying your designer $25 an hour to research and create a proposal and you use Details Flowers software, you were paying $125 to $250 to the staff member. Now, you can have a proposal ready by the time you finish meeting with the bride/client and give it to them on the spot. The one hour meeting with the client just saved you 4-9 hours and that is big savings. That is what we all dream about because it results in sales quickly which yields a huge ROI advantage.


Details believes in the value of educating our clients. Another key advantage is the friendly, easy use of the program and our support and training. Our website shares FAQs for clients that answer most of their questions. We host weekly live trainings where our clients can pop in or enjoy the convenience of viewing the recorded version on our YouTube channel.

Our community is tight and shares amazing designs and tips on our social feed. Customers can also stop by our blog page for the latest trending insights, upcoming events, tips, and feel the strength of our floral community. Stay tuned because we are adding more value to our floral customers because we are connecting you to wholesalers. The obvious benefit is the ability to get quotes more quickly without calling.

 At previous conferences I received feedback that our news is shared in floral shop conversations. That is really exciting to hear that our customers find value in our social posts, blogs and newsletter --- A snippet of what we heard is: 'We share the upcoming 2017 Floral trends, Petal It Forward event, and upcoming conferences.'

I am proud of the software I created, value that floral designers and florists find in using the program, and the word-of-mouth endorsements Details Flowers receives about how 'priceless' and 'incredible value' it provides. I encourage you to visit our website, sign up for a live training on Tuesdays, connect with us on our social channels for the latest info and SIGN UP for the software program. I look forward to chatting with you and hearing about your business.  Always blooming!


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