Poetic Details Design Contest with Jenny Thomasson

We had so much fun with the Stay in and Arrange design contest a few months ago, we wanted to do it again. This time we partnered with Jenny Thomasson Floristry to bring you another design-focused Instagram contest for a chance to win some more awesome prizes! Check out all the "details" below!

Poetic Details: Avant-Garde Floral Design Contest

Avant-Garde (noun): new and unusual or experimental ideas, especially in the arts, or the people introducing them.

We thought this contest would be a great opportunity for florists to showcase their contemporary / Avant-Garde designs, whether it was from a previous event or designed just for the contest!

Poetic Details Prizes

1st Place - 3 Months Free Subscription to Details Flowers + A Free Copy of Jenny Thomasson's New Book!

2nd Place - 2 Months Free Subscription to Details Flowers +A Free Copy of Jenny Thomasson's New Book!

3rd Place - 1 Month Free Subscription to Details Flowers +A Free Copy of Jenny Thomasson's New Book!

Get to Know Jenny Thomasson

Jenny Thomasson

With a passion for pushing boundaries of American floristry and promoting the art form in a fresh way, Jenny Thomasson (AIFD, PFCI, EMC) (https://jennytfloristry.com/) is the founder of award-winning Stems Florist in St. Louis, and speaks and teaches nationwide!

In addition to running Stems, she is a PFCI board member, teaches workshops at the DRD School of Floristry, participates in EMC's mentor program, and is an educational specialist for Teleflora.

Her past accomplishments include presenting at the AIFD National Symposium (2015, 2018), representing North America at Fleuramour in Belgium (2016, 2018), joining the AIFD team at the Philadelphia Flower Show (2016, 2017), and being a member of the decorating team for the White House!

Perishable Poetics: Manifesting Emotion through Contemporary Floral Design

Perishable Poetics Book

One of Jenny Thomasson's most recent accomplishments includes her new book release for Perishable Poetics. Her designs are so inspirational, which is why we are so excited to be able to give away 3 FREE copies to the top 3 winners! What you'll discover in her book:

In an invitation to expand and liberate your creative voice in floral design, Jenny Thomasson (AIFD, PFCI, EMC) generously unfolds her artistic process that has made her a rising star in the industry through 40+ beautifully shot compositions. The delicacy, intensity, and cyclical temporality of flowers mirror our deepest emotions—making them a potent source of inspiration and innovation. In over 200 lustrous color photos, Thomasson shares how she uses emotion to push the boundaries of contemporary floral design. Infused with hand-drawn conceptual sketches and notes, and incorporating a wide breadth of techniques, forms, and materials, this warmly personal guide offers an intimate insight into the evolution of a professional floral arrangement. Perishable Poetics is a beautifully photographed artwork as well as a radiant, invaluable creative resource for those who work in, are inspired by, or are finding their voice in floral design.

Purchase Perishable Poetics here.

A BIG Congratulations to our 3 Winners!!


3RD PLACE: Congrats to @fancyfloralsbynancy for being our 3rd place winner with 531 votes on her beautiful design! Prize: A Free Copy of Perishable Poetics & 1 Month Free Subscription to Details!

2ND PLACE: Congrats to @adrianna.aifd for being our 2nd place winner with 584 votes on her creative design! Prize: A Free Copy of Perishable Poetics & 2 Months Free Subscription to Details!

1ST PLACE: A big CONGRATS to @pjs.flowers for being our FIRST PLACE winner with a total of 702 votes on their beautiful piece of art! Prize: A Free Copy of Perishable Poetics & 3 Months Free Subscription to Details!

Avant-Garde Entries

We were amazed by the response we received with over 50 gorgeous unique designs! So much talent, it was hard to choose one. Here were all of our entries:


Thank you to everyone who participated and voted! 

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