How To Plan A Styled Photo-Shoot

We had the chance to go behind the scenes with the newest team member - floral designer Parie Donaldson - for an insider look at how to successfully execute a styled photo shoot. Take a look at what she had to say:

I was thinking recently about the power of creative collaboration and how partnering with other people, and leaning on each other’s strengths, can immensely drive your business forward. In the spirit of sharing, I’ve put together this styled shoot proposal from an actual shoot I participated in as a demonstration of how effective these can be in getting brand recognition and garnering goodwill by partnering with some very talented vendors.

This particular shoot came from a workshop for photographers I was asked to present last year. Nearly a dozen photographers paid to participate in the event, and several florists, planners, bakers, and stationers provided their products (at cost) in return for some high-quality images showcasing their work.

As a fellow florist and event designer, I understand the costs of supplying flowers or cakes for styled shoots. For the sake of this blog, let’s get right to the ins and outs of preparing for and maximizing your ROI from styled shoots.

Let’s walk through some key steps:

- The shoot coordinator should provide you with aesthetic inspiration, a list of the items they want featured (i.e., bouquet, boutonniere, etc.), and contact information for other participating vendors.
- Next, you’ll want to plug their information into your Details Flowers Software account to create your designs just like you would for an event or wedding.

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- Once you’ve finalized a proposal with your designs (using the inspirational images provided by the planner), you should share this with the team. This will go a long way with the other vendors, demonstrating your fantastic art and attention to detail.
- Review the proposal with the coordinator of the shoot for their approval. Be sure to let them know what your retail prices for these items would be. This will give you an edge when discussing the cost of the products!

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  1. Cover yourself by downloading our Styled Photo Shoot List below to ensure you get photos representing your work and adding value to your business.
  2. This next step is crucial - ask to be present on the shoot day to assist. This will give you control over how your products are photographed (you wouldn’t want a photo of the stems when you can get one of the fronts of your bouquet, right?). This is also an excellent opportunity to sharpen your styling skills for events!
  3. It is important to make sure you give credit to your fellow vendors. This will go a long way towards creating valuable relationships and growing a bonded community.
  4. One last thing… have fun! You’re exercising your creativity, so enjoy yourself!

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Once you have those photos, get out there and post the heck out of them! You worked hard to create something fresh – show it off!

If you’re not sure how effective this kind of marketing can be, this shoot got picked up by multiple blogs, including Martha Stewart! Hello, bucket list! Many thanks to the talented @kortney.boyett






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