Are You a Naughty or Nice Florist?

by Details Flowers ● 8 December ● News & Events

Have you been a naughty florist this year? We want to know how bad you've really been, so the Details Elves can help you get on Santa's Nice List! Take our survey below to see if you are Naughty or Nice.


Naughty Florists--this message is for you!

If you have been a naughty florist this year, don't fret! The Details Elves are here to help. Wondering what makes you a naughty florist? Here are the top reasons you may be on the naughty list this year and ways to get you on Santa's Nice List!

1-Dec-06-2022-08-45-24-9250-PMI'm Not Charging Enough

Pricing your worth is so important not only for your success but for your whole floral community. The other florists in your area will find it challenging to compete with your low prices if you underprice your work. It's time to start charging reasonably for your time and skill set because you do a phenomenal job! Details can help you appropriately charge everything from your blooms, labor, and even markup. Be confident when you send out your Proposals, knowing that you have the best pricing for your client and that you are making a profit on your work. 


I Over-Bought Flowers

Do you get nervous and over-buy flowers last minute? It's time to make a change! With proper planning and calculation tools like Details, you can save yourself from overbuying and having leftover products. You can export and send your flower orders directly to one of our partnered suppliers (or your favorite local supplier!) On Details, there is a stem counter specifically for all the recipes you create. Practice getting your orders in early and monitoring exactly how much product you will need for each design, saving you from the anxiety over buying at the last minute. 


3-Dec-06-2022-08-45-53-1651-PMI Spent Too Long Calculating Recipes

Do you currently have recipes in your head that you are managing? Of endless amounts of paper scattered all over the studio with handwritten recipes? Save yourself time by saving all of your Recipes in Details! You can save your recipes in various Collections using our newest recipe collection feature to access them whenever possible. With the amount that flower pricing has changed over the past year, you undoubtedly need a method to help you price recipes correctly using the new prices.


Blog Rectangle-3I'm Disorganized

Do you find that your days blend, and you struggle to keep up with both your personal and professional responsibilities? Does your studio look like an episode of Hoarders? The time has come for you to declutter your life and get organized. You put up all you require to succeed in your business in Details. Details has you covered about housing Client records, automatic payment methods, and even reporting. 


Blog Rectangle-4I Didn't Spend Enough Time with My Family

As florists, we are in the industry of giving and making our customers' day special. We often do not take the time to thank ourselves and spend time with our families. Details helps take all of the tedious work out of your day-to-day schedule. You can save a ton of time by automating and streamlining your present procedures, sending out quotes more quickly, and simplifying the product ordering process. Family vacations can be scheduled around your events so you can unwind and not worry about missing anything. Relax and enjoy a cup of hot cocoa (or Starbucks) by the fire with your family this season, knowing that you have everything covered in your business!


Blog Rectangle-Dec-06-2022-08-58-26-5325-PMI'm Not Using Details Flowers Software

If you are not using Details Flowers Software, you are definitely a naughty florist! If you are experiencing all the above fatigue, you need a solution to help you manage your business. We should know; we are florists' best friends, after all! We can help you not overbuy your product, accurately price your events, keep you organized, and help you save time so you can spend more time with your loved ones during the holidays. 


There is still time to get on Santa's Nice List! The Details Elves are here to help you succeed -- schedule a call with us or get started with a trial of Details above so we can help you get on the Nice List!

Not sure if you've been naughty or nice? Fill out our survey here!


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