National Writing Day: How To Write For Your Floral Business

by Details Flowers ● 15 October ● Just For Fun

October 20th is National Writing Day! In the spirit of this fun "holiday", we wanted to give out some pointers on how to write for your floral business. 

You may not have the funds for flashy graphics, videos, or stylish scrolling to make your “About Us” page stand out as a small business owner. However, you still are able to make it appear that way. To accomplish this, make the most of your website writing talents and express your company's narrative in a unique way.


Tell a Story...YOUR story


Every company has a unique story to tell, so don't be shy about sharing yours. To humanize your brand, talk about its objective, and convey the tale of how it changes people, you can use a variety of storytelling approaches. Did you stumble into the floral industry by chance? Were you merely doing events for family and friends when you first started? Inform your potential customers!

Consumers remember stories because they are detailed and emotive. They help people to find context and meaning for your company, which is more effective than a conventional "About Us" page. These will be great conversation starters with your potential clients! 


Keep Business Talk to a Minimum


Easier said than done, right? You want to make that sale but being too forceful might be the wrong approach. Customers, not academics or any teaching profession, should read your "About Us" page. There's no need to use long words, lingo, or industry terminology that the common person will struggle to grasp. It doesn't make you sound smart; rather, it scares away customers.

People want to know exactly what your small business performs and how it may assist them. Instead of thinking about yourself, think about your target audience and their needs. Make your "About Us" page stand out by using short sentences to express intricate themes.


Add Personality


Create a brand voice and tone that customers adore in order for them to become your company's biggest supporters and promoters. We are creatives--let's show it! 

Don't be scared to put personality into your brand so that it doesn't sound like it was written by a robot. Instead, humanize your business by introducing the founders, highlighting the people behind it, and avoiding professional language when presenting your product or service. Make it seem nice while remaining error-free, and minimize accidents that could derail your text's translation.

When creating "About Us" text or sales pitch, don't be afraid to use comedy if it fits your company's mission and philosophy. Sure, you're serious about your product/service and your consumers, but who says you can't have a good laugh at yourself? Add a pinch of comedy, depending on your target demographic, to boost emotions and make people smile.

Creating an engaging "About Us" page that attracts visitors and helps them understand who you are and what you do isn't easy. The majority of these pages are boring and self-serving versions that turn people off, so don't overlook their importance in building brand awareness and trust. A solid "About Us" page tells your company's narrative, introduces your team to customers, explains what you do, and helps them understand what they'll get if they place an order with you. To make this page stand out, be imaginative, straightforward, and real; and don't leave visitors with questions: they should want to contact you after reading about your small business.


Proposal Writing Tips That Will WIN Your Clients 


Not only can you utilize these strategies to win over your consumers with your website and social media, but you can also use them to convey your story and personality to your Details Proposals! Adding personal touches to your proposal will elevate it to the next level. The bride will appreciate the fact that you listened to her and considered her desires. One simple method to do this is to develop your initial worksheet side by side with your client, allowing them to look at your recipes and evaluate inspiration photographs with you.

Make notes of any mentions of family traditions, favorite colors, and favorite blooms. Add them into your proposals in the descriptions and imagery to add that extra personal touch! Use tools like Grammarly and Quillbot to ensure your spelling and sentence structure are correct.

We also have a function under Details that allows you to hide all of your cost information from view, so you can do this without worrying about the client seeing your costs and/or markups!

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