Meet Our Partner Staalduinen Floral Limited!

by Details Flowers ● 19 May ● Partners

Details Flowers Software Founder & CEO, Corrine, visited our partners at Staalduinen Floral's 20,000-foot warehouse and head office in Stoney Creek, Ontario. They service florists and designers in the Toronto area. If you want to learn more about the trip to Toronto, check out this blog here. We are so excited to introduce you to Staalduien. Here is the backstory of how their company was created.

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Corrine paid a visit to Staalduinen Headquarters after serving as a judge for the Fleurs de Villes Toronto event on the weekend before Mother's Day. Despite the high demand due to the holiday, they were impressively well-stocked with inventory, and they had a dedicated team of 20 employees on hand to handle any urgent or last-minute floral needs. Despite the hectic nature of this time, Brian and Duane still provided Corrine with a tour of the facility. We are grateful for their kindness and hospitality.

About Staalduinen


With 60 years in business, Staalduinen Floral Ltd. is proud to be one of Canada’s most respected and largest floral distributors known as the fresh flower expert. As a third-generation family business, they are proud of their family’s legacy. The Staalduinen business started with their great-grandparents growing flowers and learning to produce the freshest flowers.

This firsthand knowledge gives them the ability to connect with flower farmers around the world. In the 1950s, they saw the opportunity to expand the business by moving from grower to buyer/distributor. The first order of business in moving from farmer to distributor was forging relationships with quality growers around the globe. The network of trusted flower growers is still the backbone they rely on today. 

"With 60+ years of experience, we’ve seen many challenges and opportunities, but our dedication to the success of our clients has never wavered. Our client’s success drives us to excellence - in sourcing, ordering, shipping, service, and the quality of the many conversations we have with flower shop owners and special events professionals every day. We are here to serve you."

With a fleet of temperature-controlled trucks, they can deliver “Staalduinen fresh” products right to your door. 

Their team is built around fresh flower experts, including buyers, account managers, and flower fulfillment professionals. No member of their team doesn’t live and breathe the flower business. That dedication and depth of understanding have been a hallmark of Staalduinen since their humble beginnings.

"Staalduinen Floral is a leading floral distributor, but we remain at our heart, a small family business. We remain grateful for your continued trust and promise to earn it daily."

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Thank you to Brian for the tour of the Staalduinen Headquarters and the fun swag! If you are in the Toronto area and interested in requesting a quote from Staalduinen, click the button on the Details Costs Page to be in touch with a sales representative.  

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