Level Up With Education: Special Guest Author Renee Tucci

by Details Flowers ● 9 September ● Just For Fun

If you’re anywhere on the web these days, there’s no question that you’ve seen the trend towards continuing education in all fields. The Masterclass movement is not only a tier of education, but an online platform sharing the same name, featuring experts and celebrities sharing their passions for anyone to learn from. 

Many in the floral industry took the time allotted to them during the pandemic pause to either build an education platform or to explore one. Retail florists all over the country have grown their offerings to their customers, increasing engagement and creating brand loyalty. Veteran designers have found other passionate people sharing what they know in their craft, and learned from them, adding to their skillset and making them more in-demand to current and future employers. 

Luckily, for those with an insatiable appetite for learning, for the designers who want to stay on the cusp of the new mechanics and techniques that are always emerging on the market, there is no shortage of information out there to help. 


For budding designers searching on the web, YouTube can be your best friend. No-cost tutorials are available from designers of all different backgrounds, sharing all types of experiences and tips. Watching someone design and trying to replicate it on your own is a great first step. The next logical step is to have a tutor analyze your work and to help you make real-time adjustments. The Floral Design Institute, QC Design School, Longwood Gardens, Team Flower, the New York Institute of Art & Design, and so many more, offer these types of online courses with tutor feedback. 

Well-curated how-to floral design books are available in every category of the industry. You’ll find books featuring steps to creating floral jewelry, sustainable mechanics, funeral and sympathy designs, wedding installations, and everyday compositions. Amazon is a great aggregator of these books to help you find them all in one place before making your decision on which you will purchase. But, before you add it to your cart there, take a moment to search for the author's website and purchase directly from there if it’s available. Just like supporting small businesses, we must support our industry authors as directly as we can. 


Of course, there’s nothing quite like in-person designing with industry experts. Signing yourself up for an immersive, hands-on workshop will not only result in personal growth and a larger professional network, but it will also connect you with mentors that will continue to share with you, long after the classes are over. 

One of the most respected floral schools in the country is the Flower School of New York. Their comprehensive offerings are open to designers of all skill levels. Not only do they offer an in-depth exploration into the floral industry, but they have very wisely partnered with Details, allowing their students to weave their new talents in with the ability to proficiently operate Details Flowers Software.


Details has made it so clear that education is a core part of their goals, and their endeavors to support education in this industry are impressive. Did you know that they offer discounts on their services for people who attend educational events because they believe investing in education should be rewarded? It’s true!


I appreciate the efforts that Details puts into educating their members. A quick spin around DetailsFlowers.com shows that they offer many opportunities to learn from. Do you learn best by watching a video that has been curated to the exact topic you’re looking for? Those are available to you at Details University and in their video tutorials! Do you prefer the more interactive learning experience that a webinar offers? Details has those on their schedule as well. 

Details has also partnered with many influential designers to broadcast Masterclasses in exciting, on-trend topics. These classes are followed up with Cliff's Notes-style blog posts in case you missed it all live. 

No one wants to be out-of-the-known, so "level up" your career by keeping continuing education as part of your weekly, monthly, or quarterly routine. Brush up on your design skills with industry experts, and stay up to date with the many, many ways that Details can help you book those clients and add to your bottom line efficiently and beautifully! 

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