History of Juneteenth: Educate, Celebrate, & Heal with Flowers

by Details Flowers ● 14 June ● News & Events

(Above installation created by Milwaukee Flower Co., Floral Academy, and Raveen Lemon - photographed by Lindsay Stayton Photography)

June is a month of reflection, acceptance, and transformation. At Details, we believe in diversity and love for all people. We are always learning and evolving to understand these important topics. Our main goal is to keep the conversation going beyond the holiday perspective and honor those who have sacrificed to make their dreams a reality for future generations to come. 

What is Juneteenth?


Juneteenth National Independence Day was declared a federal holiday in 2021, on the 156th anniversary of the end of slavery in the United States. It's also a day dedicated to honoring African-American culture. Since 1865, it has been observed yearly on June 19 in several parts of the United States, with its origins in Galveston, Texas.


Why is the Color Red Important?


"Why must the Juneteenth menu be filled with red-colored food and drinks? It’s a matter of symbolism. The red represents the blood shed by innumerable African Americans in the struggle for freedom." (LA Times)

The color red is prominent in Juneteenth festivities and commemorations. Whether it's sipping strawberry soda, relishing a red velvet dessert, or putting together red decor for an event, red is the color of choice. These customs, such as staring at ruby-red flowers, will now be more festive now that Juneteenth has been designated as a federal holiday in the United States. A carbonated beverage, flavored tea, or punch with cherry, cranberry, raspberry, strawberry, or tropical punch flavor can all be used as the red drink.


Red Flowers Associated with Juneteenth:




anemoneAnemone hibiscus-2Hibiscus

Juneteenth is a day to reflect on, analyze, and commemorate America's journey toward unity and liberty. While looking forward to a more affluent and equal future for our society, we believe it is vital to identify and acknowledge present historical injustices.

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