Customer Spotlight: Raining Roses Productions

by Details Flowers ● 2 March ● Designers

On this week's Featured Florist, Details Flowers proudly presents Raining Roses Productions. Chicago-based designer Jesus Rodriguez founded Raining Roses Productions Inc. with his partner Jonathan Panczuk in 2001. With a background in fashion and over 20 years of experience in the floral industry, Raining Roses Productions Inc. became an overnight success and continues to influence market trends today. Throughout his career, Jesus has been faithful to the belief that creativity has no limits. By combining his passion for creativity and his incredibly structured approach to design, Jesus and his team can produce original works of art that far surpass their customer's expectations. Be sure to visit Raining Roses Productions website and Like, Share, and Follow Details Flowers for more Featured Florists and to keep up to date with what's "blooming" in the floral industry today.

Get the Umbrella Tree - It's Raining Roses!

What is your business name, and how did you develop it? 

We had four partners in the beginning, one named the company, and her thinking was... you’ve heard the expression, “When pigs fly”?  She said we all know pigs don’t fly,…but it still sticks in your mind.  While it may never rain roses,  it sure does stick in your mind…..we all agreed!  It’s been Raining Roses for 16 years now.  Now you know why we needed an Umbrella Tree.


What do you love most about your city and the events that you create?

We began in Chicago; it was the place to be and had the right tempo. Being a highly competitive city, we learned a lot, and the Princess Diana Cancer Event took us over the top. We realized it was time to make our place, and rather than staying and competing in Chicago, we decided to move to Orlando, Florida.  My partner, Jonathan, was the creative mind and designer, and I was the administration guy, handling everything in the back end.  He was gone within six months from the time we moved with a terminal illness, and he spent that time encouraging me to keep going!  It was not what I wanted to do, but through his consistent encouragement, I did what needed to be done and began the creative process alone, along with all the other aspects of this business we had created together.  I had to push myself, I had to calm my fears,  I had to do the job! With the help of a good staff, 15 plus years later, Raining Roses is a proven influence on market trends today.


What do you love most about the floral industry?

What I love most is having a satisfied, happy client.  I love that when we first came here, there was a need in Orlando for rentals of all kinds, furniture, and all the specifics for the event industry, and Raining Roses began and has continued to meet those needs and set new trends. Although I love working with corporate clients, my passion for flowers lies with wedding customers.


What do you dislike most about the floral industry?

Initially, it reminded me of being in school; everyone was in their “group”! Nobody seemed to help anyone else, and they all seemed to keep to their own business, each with their niche.  But now I have made many friends, although mostly competitors and the relationship works great. We help each other, and there is nothing better. In Chicago, it was the same. There is plenty of business for everyone, so there is no need for unethical business practices.


What are your biggest daily challenges, and how do you overcome them?

Managing people daily! I try to be direct with my team and not to come down too hard; you can be firm but tactful. People appreciate that, and I like to tell them how much I appreciate them.  Another challenge is bringing in more business as we continue to change and embrace what’s trending and starting new trends.  There is no limit! We embrace what the bride wants, which can sometimes be a significant challenge. Fortunately, we have a creative team that embraces challenges. We love to create the WOW factor for our brides, leaving them with a day they will never forget!


What is your favorite design story?

The Tree!  Our famous “Umbrella Tree” was created when a client asked for an African Serengeti Tree for a tabletop centerpiece!! We took on the challenge and created what we thought... "looked like an umbrella.” You enter an enchanted sitting experience with the flowers gently flowing, candles flickering, and sparkling crystals. I never thought it would be such a beautiful structure, but we brought it to Orlando, and clients are constantly coming to us for our Umbrella Tree. It is something I will always treasure.  Our client gave me a beautiful thank you, saying she never thought we could create such a beautiful, elegant, and unique structure.  Now you know that if you see an Umbrella Tree, it must be Raining Roses!!


What is your biggest success?

For me personally, I have to say the Hindu wedding that I did right after my partner passed away.  It was my first job to do by myself; I was scared!  But it was beautiful, a success, and a testament to my dear friend and partner;  he had taught and encouraged me so well. I still have pictures on my wall to remind me. It was a fantastic success, both personal and business!


What tips do you have to share with other wedding floral designers?

Don’t try to mold your clients to your style, and don’t try to sell them what they don’t want.  If they want a garden style – keep it a garden style. Everyone is so different; embrace that. Give your clients what they ask for, even a little more, no battle. They will be happy, and so will you.


How do you deal with brides you don’t feel you can help?

I didn’t enjoy spending a lot of time with and/or being shopped by people who were only interested in cost and my ideas only for them to do it themselves!  I have a friend who started marketing for me, and she said I needed to start qualifying my clients.  She said it was imperative to set up a system by which there was a first point of contact, with the addition of some filters on our site that would request information, a type of pre-interview process, and perhaps an initial estimate (helping us to maintain our set pricing) and then the most important question, does the client wish to continue?  If yes, we meet the Bride and begin our relationship. DETAILS SOFTWARE assists with this process, and IT HAS LIBERATED ME!!!

What do you love about floral importers, and what do you value?

Most of my flowers come from local wholesalers. They have a website with a list of farms, brokers, etc...  They list products and pricing, and you pick what you desire; everything is priced, ordered online, and delivered.  Good, fresh products come from Miami. We have scheduled order and delivery days. It has worked wonderfully well for us.


What is your biggest motivator?

Competition! I like to be the best, with the best product. Satisfied clients! Creative freedom and always offering something different and unique.  To always give and be our best for the client!


How does Details Flowers Software improve your business?

Details Software has improved our bottom line and daily business activities. I think it is so good. I was the second person to acquire the program.  I had to learn and implement it, and now my current assistant and team are eating it up.  They love it.  It allows us more freedom for creation.  It has been instrumental in my ordering, allowing me to send my orders per my stem counts in Details.  A GREAT FEATURE; I can go back and see so much information. In the past, I would forget to order or order too much, which messes with your bottom line.  Details’ helps me not lose money! It helps in the part of the business which can be time-consuming...the details.  Accounting for all the information, clients, dates, calls and conversations, stems, ideas, and pricing. I think it's endless, Details keeps us blooming!


Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In 10 years, I don’t know, retirement is this dangling carrot, but I like to work every day. I try seeing myself not doing what I’m doing, and I see long days filled with boredom, and that’s not me. I need to be doing something.  I see myself still working, constantly evolving. I am better than I was ten years ago, and I think I will be better in 10 years than I am now. You keep learning every day; when your life loses purpose, you’re done.  My mom taught me that by how she lived her life, she always had a purpose.



About Raining Roses Productions

Chicago based designer, Jesus Rodriguez founded Raining Roses Productions Inc. with his partner Jonathan Panczuk in 2001. With a background in fashion and 20 years of experience in the floral industry, the company was an overnight success and continues to heavily influence market trends today.

Throughout his career, Jesus has always been faithful to the belief that creativity has no limits. He feels that, "If an idea or emotion can be conveyed, we can create it through the use of floral and decor." By combining his passion for creativity and structured approach to design, he and his team are able to produce original works of art tailored to each client's vision.

Raining Roses celebrates many kinds of occasions and corporate events with our clients including: dinner parties, baby or bridal showers, mitzvahs, anniversaries and weddings.

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