Get Into The Details With Jet Fresh! June Masterclass Recap

by Details Flowers ● 16 June ● News & Events, Partners

We had such a fun afternoon chatting with Fernando and Dali from Jet Fresh Flower Distributors! Our CEO and Founder, Corrine, took a deep dive into the world of Jet Fresh to discuss their product offerings, collaboration with Details Flowers Software, and the upcoming event, Fresh Fest. This engaging conversation gave valuable insights into the floral industry and exciting opportunities for florists and event professionals. If you could not attend, here is a recap of our Masterclass!

Corrine initiates the discussion by delving into the recent experiences of Fern and Dali from Jet Fresh at SAF NextGen and their remarkable journey in the floral industry. They enthusiastically share their fondest memories of the event, highlighting their profound connection towards flowers and the immeasurable joy they bring to special moments. The dynamic atmosphere of SAF NextGen, filled with passionate individuals eager to expand their knowledge in this ever-growing industry, left a lasting impression on them. Check out our recap blog on NextGen to experience the full event!

Explore Jet Fresh's Florals!

Now, let's explore Jet Fresh's extensive range of products, a true treasure trove for floral enthusiasts. From fresh-cut flowers to specialty blooms sourced exclusively from their Jet Fresh Farm in Ecuador, their selection is bound to captivate your imagination. Fern takes the spotlight to explain how florists can request these exquisite products and sheds light on the unique trends observed in the industry. Among the top trends, they proudly present color-enhanced roses and intricately stamped roses, adding an extraordinary touch to any floral creation. Jet Fresh's commitment to exceptional quality is unwavering, ensuring that every stem meets the highest standards and guaranteeing stunning products every time.

The conversation turns exciting as the spotlight shifts to the close relationships Jet Fresh cultivates with their customers. They are dedicated to delivering not only outstanding products but also exceptional service. Going above and beyond, they strive to exceed customer expectations, forming strong partnerships with growers worldwide. This commitment to excellence allows Jet Fresh to maintain a consistent supply of breathtaking blooms that inspire awe in both florists and clients alike. Fern shares the news of year-round Japanese Sweet Peas as a particular highlight, a captivating product that will surely delight. If you're ready to experience the remarkable quality for yourself, waste no time placing your order today.

A Transformative Collaboration

Corrine then redirects the focus toward the collaboration between Jet Fresh and Details Flowers Software, an innovative partnership that has transformed how they do business. Fern and Dali provide firsthand accounts of their experiences, highlighting the positive impact that Details Flowers Software has had on their operational efficiency, accuracy, and overall customer satisfaction. They delve into the specific features and functionalities of the software that have streamlined their order management process and enhanced their ability to meet customer needs seamlessly. This powerful combination of Jet Fresh's exceptional blooms and the cutting-edge technology of Details Flowers Software has elevated the industry's standards and created an unparalleled experience for florists and event professionals. 

What's Next?

But wait, there's more! Brace yourself for the unveiling of an extraordinary event—Fresh Fest. Fern and Dali proudly introduce this floral artistry, innovation, and networking celebration. Fresh Fest serves as a vibrant gathering for florists, event professionals, and industry experts, offering an array of workshops, awe-inspiring installations, educational sessions, and unparalleled networking opportunities. It's time to bid farewell to traditional trade shows and embrace a fresh, immersive experience that will leave you inspired and eager to connect with fellow industry enthusiasts. As a Jet Fresh customer, you have the exclusive opportunity to register through their website. Don't delay, as spaces are limited and demand is skyrocketing. Join us at Fresh Fest and prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey of creativity and connection. 

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Last but not least, we extend our sincere gratitude to Fern and Dali for joining us in this captivating June Masterclass. Their wealth of knowledge and passion for the floral industry has enriched our understanding and left us eager to explore the limitless possibilities that await.

Watch the full Masterclass replay with Dali and Fern below!

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