Fleurs de Villes, The Exhibit That Combines Flowers and Travel: Guest Blog by Holly Joy

by Details Flowers ● 19 January ● News & Events
Our Floral friend, Holly Havemen of Kennedy's Flowers and Gifts, provided a beautiful first-hand account of her experience visiting the Fleurs de Villes event in Edinburgh, Scotland, last summer.  Each exhibit narrates the stories of the significant women who shaped history and the florists' artistic talent in showcasing their skills. Take a look at her story below!
Fleurs de Villes - the exhibit that combines flowers and travel, two things that light up my life!
When traveling in Edinburgh, Scotland, this past July 2022, I stumbled upon a fantastic floral display, and like a moth to the flame, I went closer to explore. 
The exhibit was at a popular shopping center with a gorgeous, colorful floral arch, perfect for photo opportunities. There were signs explaining Fleurs de Villes, and I was immediately intrigued. 
I felt extremely lucky to serendipitously stumble upon Fleurs de Villes on the event's last day. With 20 minutes to spare before meeting a walking tour, I hastily made my way around the shopping center to speed-view the amazing creations and soak in as much floral artistry as possible. 
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 The floral displays showcased many famous female figures, some of whom I had never heard of and a handful of whom I had.
 My favorite displays were Cleopatra and Frida Kahlo. I loved the exquisite details, the variety of textures, the use of color, and the fabulous selections of flowers. 
In Grand Rapids, Michigan, I oversee the floral design department at our flower and gift shop, Kennedy’s. I knew my team would love seeing these fabulous floral femmes, so I snapped pictures and took video clips to share with the team back in Michigan. As a member of the World Flower Council and Great Lakes Floral Association, I shared these photos via social media for all my flower friends to enjoy as well. 
Floral Couture is something I greatly admire, and I also respect that Fleurs de Villes engages the local florists and brings flowers out into the community. I began following their social media account that day and have been delighted to see the shows worldwide ever since. I do not doubt that the next time I experience one of these events in person, it will be on purpose and not just by chance. 
Florals bring everyone together all over the globe. Thank you, Holly, for sharing your experience with us! 

Photos provided by Holly Havemen 

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