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Details University: Hard Goods v. Miscellaneous

Details Flowers has recently adopted a new item category for our clients to utilize that was specifically created to solve needs that several of our clients have. In the past, things like wire and foam didn't have a home. There were workarounds, but no perfect solution. Until now!

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We recently implemented the 'Hard Goods' category so you can properly separate expendable recipe ingredients from your rentals, ensuring that you're able to apply a markup to them and maintain a higher level of organization. 

That being said, we are writing this informational blog to make sure everyone understands the difference between the 'Miscellaneous' category and the new 'Hard Goods' category. 

In the past you might've placed items like foam, wire, wood, or ribbon into 'Miscellaneous', where it is categorized as a rental. Then those pesky supply items would show up on your pick-up checklists - no, thank you!

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Now, you should categorize them as 'Hard Goods' - items that are not retrievable, are expended as ingredients, and should have a markup applied. But, then what goes into your 'Miscellaneous' category?

Items you want back, but don't have a better-fitting home category. Example: A matching set of photo frames for family photos at an upcoming wedding, or maybe a funeral wreath stand for an upcoming wake you're designing. Neither quite fall under 'Vases & Rentals' and they're definitely not 'Furniture'!

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 In these cases, you've got a category for that: Miscellaneous. 

In the case of all those little must-haves to hold your bouquets and arrangements together, you've got the 'Hard Goods' category.

Just a few tips from the Details Flowers Support team - stay organized out there, folks!

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