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by Details Flowers ● 2 July ● News & Events

While I write about what this first promotional video means, it is realizing that you can make a dream happen if you put your heart into it.  How many hours have I spent crafting and working on Details Flowers? When I tried to think about it, the math came to about 20,000 hours. My first reaction was, "Is that all?  Seems way more..." (I think it is more).  I also didn't count the time I spent sleeping... probably dreaming and planning about Details and what I had to do next. I've heard people say nothing great happens overnight, and I am sure it is true.  And I am confident that Details is excellent, so in retrospect, I'm glad it took a while!

Creating Details Flowers Software


After more than a decade of creating happy weddings, we learned it takes love, hard work, long hours, successes, and failures to be great. We learned.  We improved. And we did it again and again. Almost 800 times already.  Every entrepreneur does this. What I love most about other florists is that we are all entrepreneurs.  Every single one of us. We are not like our brothers and sisters moving into corporate America for success, and we are building it daily. And usually, with our hands.

Our elegant knack for making things beautiful and perfect is what we do and what we do best. It's who we are- almost second nature- in our blood. When I finally leaped to start my own business and be a florist, it was because deep down, I knew I could do it. I could create it... and I could sell it. I quickly realized that there was no operational manual to this success. No instructions. So I learned-- like most of us-- the hard way by teaching myself, taking classes, and expanding my skills. Even after all my efforts and systems created, I realized that nothing performed how I knew it should in a software or Excel document. For my floral business to succeed, I needed a more refined business process and historical record-keeper-- that was FAST.

The floral design work was EASY. Second Nature, remember? But the hard part was the business of ordering, proposing, and calculating. All these non-creative, back-end business operations were keeping me away from my kids-- and up ALL night after day's end. I spent long hours at the office to make sure that I would spin a profit after the wedding season ended. After hundreds of conversations with florists across the country, I now know that they are all in that same cycle. I feel inspired to help them-- there is a better way!! I know I was tired of missing important moments in life because I was counting stems and calculating costs. Now you don't have to do that anymore. You can have Details.

I believe that when the Lord plants seeds in our hearts, we need to believe in the beauty of these dreams and follow through with them.  It took us nearly eight years of crafting, saving, planning, and hard work to bring you this version of Details, but I know it is very good. That's not to say that it is perfect because even I know that perfection is impossible, but it is damn near close. God equips us to handle even the most difficult challenges or undertakings. Sometimes, it has to be a challenge because it wouldn't mean so much to us and all of you if it were easy.

I am inspired by every florist that I have spoken to. I know who you are, what you do, and how you do it.  Most non-florists do not realize how complicated, labor-intensive, or complex our business is. We are all part of a club of artisans with dirt under our fingernails, thorns in our thumbs, and pollen on our cheeks. Those are the stories we look forward to sharing with you. Being a florist is a tough job.  We welcome you to join our network and tell your stories. The successes, the failures, the highs, the lows-- but most of all-- the beautiful flowers in between with style, business savvy, and a Rock Star proposal to go with it.

Details Flowers is connecting the world of flowers.  You're Invited to Join Us.

For more information, please schedule an appointment at, email us at, or call 386-255-9594.  We look forward to watching your business bloom.

A special thank you to William Shaler for editing, filming, and droning this video, our first.  And to Isabella & Jessica from Pivot Business Consulting for adding some final touches.  My heart belongs to Samantha, Mandy, PJ, Stevie, Dodger, Erica & Sarah for being featured in the video, and Mike for turning my ideas into magic. My life belongs to my favorite photographer, my husband Greg, and our three beautiful kids, Avery, Amelia, and Aiden, who make our world go round.

Fondly in Flowers,


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