Design with Alexandra Farms Garden Roses

by Details Flowers ● 16 January ● News & Events, Partners

We’re so grateful to announce that we now feature all the Alexandra Farms garden roses varieties on Details! You can now create stunning recipes and designs using some of Earth's most beautiful garden roses.

Who is Alexandra Farms? 

Alexandra Farms is the world’s largest garden rose grower, harvesting more than 300,000 stems per nearly 16 million stems yearly! They grow nearly 60 garden roses at their farm in Colombia, offering florists and designers around the world a wide range of colors, shapes, and fragrances to choose from - all of these are now available to choose from on Details. 


David Austin® Wedding Roses - Alexandra Farms is the largest licensed fresh-cut David Austin® Wedding Roses grower!


Alexandra Farms Deluxe Garden Roses - Their collection of 31 varieties of fresh-cut garden roses are bred in the Netherlands, France, Spain, Denmark, Germany, and other countries worldwide.


Princess Japanese Garden Roses - This collection was bred for the Emperor of Japan! Alexandra Farms partnered with three major Japanese rose breeders to grow their varieties at Alexandra Farm’s farm in Colombia.


Wabara - This line of roses is bred at Rose Farm Keiji near Kyoto, Japan, and grown in Colombia. These roses are unique because they are bred without fertilizer or chemicals and have unusual shapes and fragrances not found elsewhere.

How Do I Design with Alexandra Farms Roses?


Details Flowers Software customers can now find all of Alexandra Farms products in one place - our NEW Item Gallery! (Resources - Item Gallery) Here, you will find their entire collection to scroll through and use for your event. When you hover over each rose in the New Item Gallery, you'll see its name show up, which means you'll never have to guess another rose variety's name again!

All you have to do is click on their Collection logo, and all Alexandra Farms flowers will appear. Start starring your favorites to add to your Design Board for your event. It’s really that simple! Check out our Support Article on the new Item Gallery for more information.

Here are just a few of Alexandra Farm’s famous garden rose varieties that are now available to choose from on Details:


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