Alaska Peony Cooperative: Get Your Orders In Now For Peony Season!

(Above image featuring Alaska Peony Cooperative's peonies by Primrose Hill Flower Company)

Peony season is upon us and Alaska Peony Cooperative is gearing up to ship out all of their beautiful blooms! As a Details member, you have the benefit of ordering from Alaska Peony Cooperative straight from our platform.

About Alaska Peony Cooperative

apcAlaska peonies are different from other varieties due to their unique growing conditions. All year long, they receive moderate temperatures and almost constant sunlight, resulting in the signature large blooms and saturated colors synonymous with Alaska. Peony plants are allowed to mature for an average of three to five years before they are harvested for commercial use. Each peony stem is picked by hand and immediately chilled before it is graded and carefully packaged. 

Updates for This Season

  • Alaska Peony Cooperative is on target to be fully reserved before the end of the shipping season arrives. More than a third of their inventory is reserved!
  • They are offering florists custom standing orders based on type, quantity, and color of flowers.
  • Better tracking, easier customs clearance, better shipping rates, and lower import duties.
  • Available in locations serviced by FedEx priority international service in major cities. Smaller cities or more remote locations will remain a two-day service.
  • Reserve your peonies soon, this season's inventory is already 50% sold out!
  • Updates to shipping to Canada: They have worked on getting super low rates, priority alerts on their perishable shipments, and pre-clearance from customs.
  • Shipping fresh peonies from July 7th - August 19th, 2021!!

Ignite your inspiration with these beautiful shots of a wedding designed with over ten Alaska Peony Cooperative varieties:


apc2(Jacki White Bridal shoot in Pensacola, FL. Photos by Phocus Photography LLC. Designs by Chrissy Helvenston Floral Design.)

All are now available on Details, inside of our "Alaska Peony Cooperative" Collection in the Item Gallery for our users to add to their designs and order directly through the software. Learn more about our partnership with Alaska Peony Cooperative in our blog "Alaska Peony Cooperative: Premium Peonies!"

We can't wait to see what our community creates with these beautiful blooms!

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