Tips & Tricks in Review: September 2021

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Here's a recap of what we covered in September in the Tips & Tricks series!

Self Care 

We all could use some time to rejuvenate our mind, body, and soul so that we can continue to bring our clients the best care. Here are a few suggestions of things you can do by yourself or with your team. 

  • Take a spa day 💆
  • Go see a show or movie 🍿
  • Take a trip to a local flower farm 🌼
  • Sleep in late 😴
  • Have lunch as a team 🍝
  • A day at the beach or pool 🏖️
  • Wine Wednesday 🍷

For more information on the importance of self-care, check out our new blog

Event Pipeline Status 

The Event List is more than just your current events. It also includes a robust pipeline that helps you keep track of the planning stage for each of your events. Each stage corresponds with a specific set of statuses, which you can set for your events. Here are the details 😉

Email T&T Graphics-1

To adjust an individual status:

Click the status icon on the left side of the desired event and select your new choice from the drop-down menu. Make sure you save your changes!

To change statuses in bulk:

Click the checkboxes of the clients you wish to update on the right side of the screen, click the Change Status button at the bottom of the page, pick your status, and click Save Changes

Note: The status legend seen above is always available! Click the map icon in the top-left corner of the list to access it.

The Recipe PDF
Within each of your events is a 'Documents' section containing some handy documents for you to use in the execution of your event, and the one we are going to focus on today is the Recipe PDF!

The Recipe PDF is a comprehensive guide to your arrangements for any given event - we like to think of it as a sort of recipe cookbook! It includes a number of important items:

  • The Color Palette: Found on the cover page is any color palette you selected for this event.
  • Organization: The Recipe PDF is organized in the same way as your worksheet, by section and line.
  • Title & Quantity: Each recipe listed will include the title and the quantity needed for this event so you know how many to make!
  • Recipe Image: View the inspiration photo for this design directly on the document.
  • Ingredients: A full list of necessary ingredients and their quantities is a must - find all of that information prominently displayed along with corresponding ingredient images!
  • Notes: Any notes you make in the 'Notes' section of a recipe on the worksheet will be displayed. It's a good idea to make any design notes for yourself in that field when you're designing your event on the worksheet so you have it included on the Recipe PDF!

Find it by following these two steps:


  • Within an event, click the 'Documents' option along the top navigation row.
  • On the resulting page, select the second option on the left: Recipe PDF

Save the document to your device for offline use, or print it out to keep it handy when it's time to assemble the event!

  • Saving: Click the 'Download PDF' button to save the document directly to your computer. Simply select the save location and complete to keep a copy!
  • Printing: Click the 'Print' button in the top-right to print the document. A helpful tip: If you want to include the ingredient images & color palette in the printed version, click the 'More settings' drop-down in the print settings and make sure the box for 'Background graphics' is checked!

Screen Shot 2020-07-21 at 2.06.17 PM

Same Client, New Event

In Details, you're able to add as many events to the same client as you need! This is all done from the client record, which can be found by right-clicking the client's name from the 'Event List' and selecting 'Client Record'. 

👉 If you're not too familiar with the Event List, click here: Using the Event List


From the Client Record, click on the 'Log, Notes & Events' link in the top-left to access the Client Log. In the bottom-right corner of the page is where the events for this client will live - click the 'Create New Event' button to get started!

Generating Custom Reports

We have had a lot of questions about reporting lately so we've created some instructions for how you might put together and a couple of different reports in Details. Let's dig in.

👉 If you're not too familiar with managing your Event List and the data being displayed, check out this Support Center article before you proceed from here: Using the Event List

We've created instructions for several different reports you can create, check them out here:

  • Events Within a Date Range: Need to pull a report including every event for a given month, quarter, or year? Click here for more info!
  • Number Of Events By Venue: Use this report to track how many events you've done at any given venue - click here for instructions
  • Referral Tracking: Run a report to view the number of events you've signed from a particular referral source - click here for instructions
  • Sales by Team Member: Pull a list of events by who the event lead on your team was to see how they are performing - click here for instructions
  • Taxes Collected: Use these instructions to pull a list of your events to export with the taxes collected included - check out the instructions

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