Tips & Tricks in Review: July 2021

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Here's a recap of what we covered in July in the Tips & Tricks series!

The New Color Selector

A couple of weeks ago we introduced a new, improved Color Selector and in this installment of the Tips & Tricks series, we're going to review some of the new features included with it!

The Options (10)-1
Let's run through each of the ways you can select, organize, and find colors:

  • Palette: Use these sliders and selectors to set the hue, saturation, and opacity to select any color or shade you'd like.
  • Input: Enter color codes to locate specific colors, this includes HEX, RGB, and even Pantone.
  • From Image: Upload your inspiration photos and select the event colors directly from them.
  • Suggestions: Details will automatically pull related and complementary colors to choose from!
  • Favorites: Store and re-use any color.
  • Collections: One of the most significant new additions to the Color Selector allows you to create custom color collections and add them to worksheets in a group.
  • History: Never lose a recently selected color, you can always find them under the History tab.
  • Quick Colors: A preset group of common colors, any of which can be selected by clicking the rabbit icon in the bottom-left. The Quick Colors can be edited by any user, by including the phrase 'Quick Colors' in any color collection title.

Another important reason we implemented this update is to add mobile functionality. This Color Selector works not only for you on mobile, but also for your clients who may be selecting colors for their events through forms you create using our upcoming Form Builder!

Visit our Support Article on the New Color Selector to learn more!


The Recipe Options

Within each line item recipe is the 'Recipe Options' menu with tools to help you save and re-use your design work for each recipe. Need to save a recipe you created from scratch on the worksheet to the gallery for later use? Do it in the Recipe Options. Need to update an existing recipe with changes you made during the worksheet design process? Check out the Recipe Options!


New Gallery Recipe

  • Use this option to save a new recipe to the gallery. Do this at any time, with any recipe, just make sure you want to create a brand-new gallery recipe from your design!

Favorite Recipe


  • Favoriting a recipe will pin it to the Design Board and save it to your Recipe Gallery as a new recipe - a twofer! Once it's on the Design Board you can drag-and-drop it into any other line item making it a quick and easy way to re-use a design from one line item to the next!

Update Gallery Recipe

  • Say you're using a previously saved recipe and you have a brilliant new idea, think of the perfect new bloom to take it to the next level; use the 'Update Gallery Recipe' to save your changes to your existing recipe for the next time you use it!

Update From Gallery

  • Using an existing recipe and go a little overboard? Use the 'Update From Gallery' option to revert back to the last saved version of the recipe!

Check out this Support Center article for more information about editing and saving recipes!


Proposal Suggestions

Use Proposal Suggestions to add your own recommended designs to proposals! Give your clients a chance to see what you can do as a designer, and up-sell them with everything you have to offer! 

Include a Suggestion

Make any of your line items a suggested item by clicking the 'Proposal Suggestion' button within the recipe builder. See what it looks like!


When you enable the Proposal Suggestion option on a line item, the recipe will still be included on the proposal like any other; however, it will not be factored into the grand total for the event. This way, you can show it to your client without inflating the grand total!

Additionally, a message will be displayed on the worksheet and proposal that states very clearly that this is only a suggested item. 

Screen Shot 2021-07-23 at 3.35.25 PM

Click here to view a Support Center article about Proposal Suggestions!


Proposal Options

Though the Proposal uses a template format with everything designed in a particular way, throughout the Proposal there are many places where you can edit the content. A simple rule is that anything you mouse over that has a highlighted red box around it can be edited by you. 

Screen Shot 2021-06-24 at 1.55.05 PM
Each page of the Proposal includes at least one dropdown field allowing you to hide or display various elements or pages. Any page can be excluded, and many elements contained also include this option. 

Screen Shot 2021-06-24 at 1.57.14 PM

Within the Details Marketplace, you're able to add differing Proposal themes to your account to variate the preset designs you can work within to develop your Proposals. In the top-left corner of the Proposal page of any event is the 'Theme' dropdown menu, which is used to select different design templates. If you purchase a new theme, it will appear here for use!


Check out this Support Center article for more information about editing and saving recipes!

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