Tips & Tricks in Review: February 2022

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Here's a recap of what we covered in February in the Tips & Tricks series!


At Details, our goal is to help you stand out and book more clients, ultimately creating more income. Recently, we implemented the option to set up a custom subdomain that will host your Forms and Proposals. Check out some of the benefits of having a custom subdomain below:


Having a custom subdomain to host your Forms and Proposals that you send to your client will:

  • Highlight your brand
  • Create a familiar setting for your customers (Easily Recognizable)
  • Help you stand out among your competitors
  • Create a cleaner/more professional look for your clients

Check out the clip below to see the differences between the default link and a custom link selected by you!

Updated Email Graphics-Jan-28-2022-05-26-43-67-PM
If you are ready to start your subdomain subscription and lock in your annual rate at $60, click the link here



The Form Builder is a new premium feature that will allow you to build forms of all kinds for your clients to fill out and automatically create an event in Details. Let's take a closer look at this all-new feature and all of the available options below.

A Brief Walkthrough

The Form Builder has SO MANY options for you to utilize and set yourself apart. In the video below, we will learn how to

  • Create a form
  • Customize the look of your form (fonts, background images, colors, images, and more!)
  • Adding questions to your forms
  • Mapping your client's submission into an event in Details
  • Saving a template
  • Saving a version
  • Viewing your form from multiple devices
  • Adding a form to your website
  • Customizing your form link

Check out our Tips & Tricks webinar recap on the Form Builder by clicking the image below!

Screen Shot 2022-01-27 at 4.12.30 PM

Because the Form Builder has so many options and ways that you can customize and make it your own, we couldn't possibly put everything into one video. Click the link below to check out our full Support Center Article!

Adding This Feature

The Form Builder is $25 per monthstarting with a 30-day free trial! If you are interested in adding the Form Builder to your subscription, please fill out the form to get started today.


Once you've designed an event, it's time to price out the items you need and put together an order of products for the event. This is where the 'Costs' page of your events comes in. Let's take a closer look!

The main section of the 'Costs' page is the table holding all of the items you're using for the event. You'll see several columns here, differing slightly based on what kind of items you're working with.

Blooms & Greenery: In this section, you'll see columns for your quantity needed, how much you've entered as a standard cost for each item, what you're going to order, and what the actual prices are at the time of purchase. Then, with that information together, a tally at the bottom of this section lets you know how much you went over or under by (if at all).


Rentals: This area includes your rental items and any other miscellaneous items. Here you'll find a listing of how many of a given item you own versus how many you need, along with fields to enter order quantities and prices.
Screen Shot 2018-12-27 at 1.27.46 PM-1

Once you've filled out the cost sheet, you can print or export the entire document!

Screen Shot 2022-01-27 at 4.22.18 PM

Cost Info

In the top-left corner of the page is an overview of your costs where you'll find the following options:

  • The Event Grand Total
  • Your Projected Expenses
  • Actual Costs (this will update as you begin to fill out the page)
  • Under/Over Projection By
  • Need By Date


To learn more about all of the features that the Costs page has to offer, check out our Support Center Article!


Ordering products directly from Details is made easy and efficient using the Request For Quote section of the 'Costs' page. Send your quote request, chat with the wholesaler, and receive your returned quote all in one central location!

Requesting A Quote

Check out the steps below to send your order.

  • Head to the event's Costs page. 
  • Click the button of the Partnered Supplier you wish to obtain a quote from (you can do as many as you like!)
  • In the Add Items to Quote box, check off the blooms you would like to include and click Add to Quote
  • Scroll down and change the stem count to match typical stems per bunch. (Optional: adjust the Ask Price).
  • Click Save and Send (21)-2

Once a wholesaler sends a quote back, you'll receive an email notification. Click to view the quote; otherwise, go to the Costs page of the event later.

Screen Shot 2022-01-28 at 12.55.17 PM

You can find the quote at the top-right of the Costs page.

.Accepting A Quote

  • Click the wholesaler name to view the quote and accept or reject it - you can also see the prices in the table below.
  • Scroll to the bottom to find your requested blooms. Click the 'X' to reject it. Click the green checkmark to accept it.
  • Once accepted, the quote will move into the order stages. You and the supplier will partner to create an account and move forward with the order. (22)-2

Available Wholesalers

We currently have five wholesale partners for you to order through in Details. 

  • Haus Of Stems - Order all of your Haus of Stems Irithuriums through Details! Their products are listed in the Haus of Stems collection of your 'Item Gallery' Please keep in mind that they only supply Haus of Stems products.
  • Jet Fresh - Currently, customers in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, South Carolina, and North Carolina can order Jet Fresh through Details. Their products are listed in the Jet Fresh collection of your 'Item Gallery.'
  • Accent Decor -  You will see the option to order from Accent Decor when using Accent Decor products in your arrangements. Their products are listed in the Accent Decor collection in Details, and you can learn more about ordering from them by clicking here. 
  • Alaska Peony Cooperative - Order peonies straight from Alaska during their ordering season from July to September. Their products are listed in the Alaska Peony Cooperative collection of your 'Item Gallery.' 
  • Staalduinen Floral - Located in Canada, Staalduinen caters solely to customers in Toronto, Canada, and supplies florals of all kinds.

To learn more about requesting quotes through Details, check out our Support Center Article!

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