Crafting Profitable Hotel Partnerships with The Hotel Florist™

For our April Details University Class, we learned the art of cultivating and maintaining fruitful relationships with luxury hotels with Franceska McCaughan, president and founder of The Hotel Florist™. We discovered how to position yourself as a preferred hotel florist, ensuring a steady and consistent income for your floral business. If you could not attend our session, here is the official recap!

Franceska embarked on her floristry journey in 2015, finding event work challenging to sustain. Drawing on her hospitality background, she carved a niche by focusing on hotel contracts. By 2017, she exclusively designed for hotels, and today, she educates fellow florists on securing steady income through hotel contracts, offering a lucrative avenue for boosting revenue during off-peak seasons. She reminds us that 80 % mindset and 20% skill are needed to succeed in this business. Not all beginnings are the same. She mentions that it took one year to book that first hotel contract. She emphasized that it is important to cultivate relationships and trust in potential clients. 

If you're considering pursuing hotel clients and aren't sure where to begin, take a moment to reflect on what sets you apart and fully embrace those qualities. Be confident in putting yourself out there and connecting with the hotel's decision-makers. General Managers are the prime connection you need to get the yes you want! If they decline your services, it is not a forever no—keep them on your radar and check in periodically. You never know when circumstances change. 


Images: Franceska's Best Selling Book, 'Hotel Florist Profit Method' (left image); Hotel Floral work by Franceska (middle and right images)

High-end brands are constantly seeking methods to elevate their appeal to customers. From storefronts to law firms to hotels, establishments are eager to present their best image to clients, making them ideal targets for your services. Brands look to collaborate with like-minded companies-- make sure your social presence reflects the brands you would like to attract. 

Automation is key to scaling your business. Using software to help automate invoicing and keep your client information in one place is a great way to enhance productivity--hint: Details Flowers Software can help you do this! Franceska reminds us to permit ourselves to evolve. Another way to improve your confidence and skill set is to find a mentor to help you. It is easy to feel alone when you are a business owner, and a mentor can help you navigate tough and successful times. 

We created a blog that goes into even more helpful tips and tricks for florists looking to expand their services into hotel markets. Check out our blog, Mastering Hotel Contracts: A Florist's Guide to Succes!

Thank you so much to Franceska for this great look into the world of hotel floristry. To pick up her book, listen to her podcast, or sign up for classes, visit The Hotel Florist™ official website

About Franceska

hotelflorist-2Franceska McCaughan is the Founding Principal and President of The Hotel Florist™, an industry disruptor platform educating florists on creating consistent income through hotel partnerships and offering turnkey floral solutions for luxury hotels. An International Floral Designer exploring the world through flowers and specializing in Hotel Floral Design and installations, Franceska holds a Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management, a Minor in International Tourism, and a Master's in Floral Design. She has combined her passion for luxury travel, hotels, and flowers into The Hotel Florist™. To date, florists inside the Hotel Florist Profit Method have generated nearly $5M since 2020 and work with brands such as Disney, Proper Hotels, Waldorf Astoria, Marriott, and more.

With over 50 countries visited and three continents inhabited, Franceska has designed for royalty, luxury retail brands, and the majority of five-star hotel brands during this time. Before The Hotel Florist™, she was the Founder & Artistic Director at Franzie’s Flower Design, a Dubai/Houston/Dallas-based flower design company. She has been featured in Modern Luxury Houston Magazine, Voyage Dallas, and Authority Magazine. Before the floral business, Franceska’s diverse background spans over ten years in hotel operations, sales and marketing strategies, business development, customer service, and exclusive luxury event management covering the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East. Today, she is a Best Selling Author of the Hotel Florist Profit Method and recently self-published her memoir, SurThriving, an international seller.

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