The Bloom Show Live at WFFSA 2023

by Details Flowers ● 10 March ● News & Events, Partners

As a tradition, The Bloom Show hosted roundtables with lead industry members to expand on topics important to the growth of the floral community. This year, our CEO and Founder, Corrine, had the opportunity to Guest Host AND Co-Host the shows presented at the WFFSA conference. If you missed the live broadcasts, here are the recaps of both shows!

Women's Day Roundtable 2023


To celebrate Women's Day 2023, The Bloom Show is proud to present inspiring women leaders who came together to discuss leadership in the floral industry. In this special episode, we learned about women's impact and their contributions and passion for the floral industry. Corrine Heck of Details Flowers Software interviewed Mimi Martinez of Chrysal Americas, Sheila Santiago of The Society of American Florists, Melanie Spilbeler of FreshPath Marketing, and Kristin Gilliland of Gardens America.

Each woman had incredible stories about how they began in the industry. From being involved in a family business to growing with a company that is like family, each individual said that the floral industry had molded them into the leader they are today. 

Here is the replay of the Women's Day Roundtable

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Blooming Leaders Roundtable 2023


The Bloom Show hosted another special episode at this year at WFFSA's Floral Distribution Conference featuring a Blooming Leaders Roundtable. The special guests included Freddy Melero of Choice Farms, Jena Girzerskiy of Rosaprima, Nikki Fernandez of US Greens Corp, and Yerandy Palenzuela of Continental Floral Greens

Each of the leaders described how they keep their teams motivated, what they look for in new talent, and how they balance work and personal life. 

Here is the replay of the Blooming Leaders Roundtable

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