Welcoming Details Newest Partner: Syndicate Sales

by Details Flowers ● 7 February ● News & Events, Partners

We can not wait to introduce you to our newest partner, Syndicate Sales! Syndicate's product line is now available on Details for members to use in their events. This company has everything a florist could need! If you are not familiar with the company and its offerings, this is the place to start. 

Introducing Syndicate Sales 


“In you, who are uniquely inspired by nature's beauty and life's events, we find our motivation to continually provide tools of the trade that will not only complement your creativity but will offer labor-saving conveniences as well.“ (Syndicate Sales)

Syndicate Sales is a family-owned and operated business that produces and distributes flower industry supplies. Del Demaree Sr. founded the company in 1946 by introducing a translucent plastic water tube with a rubber cap that enabled for easy insertion of flower stems. It is famously known as the Aquapic©.

Syndicate Sales is the industry leader in customized distribution and delivery to its customers throughout the United States and Canada. Syndicate Sales has over 1,000,000 square feet of manufacturing in their warehouse in Kokomo, Indiana, with 250 team members.

Today, Syndicate Sales is widely recognized in the floral industry as a top manufacturer with 1500 items available in the United States, South America, Canada, Japan, and Europe. Brand names such as Aquapic©, Aquafoam©, Aquaplus the difference is clear©, Aquahold©, HydraQuik©, Hoosier Glass©, Bouquet Mates©, and Everlastin Baskets© are well known throughout the industry as tried and true products. In 2021, Syndicate celebrated its 75th year in business!


Products ranging from flower care to mechanics and gifts, Syndicate has it all. Their product line reaches even the most niche design styles. Our friend, Holly Chapple, has her exclusive line of mechanics featuring the coveted Pillow and Egg. These are certainly not to miss! 

Syndicate is excited to offer visibility of our products to the wedding and event florists’ planning and proposal process. Making our products accessible to the florist in these early stages makes their process more efficient, in turn creating a better experience for their customer/client, and ultimately brings the entire floral community closer by working together more efficiently.”( Syndicate Sales)


Best Sellers


Syndicate Sales has many different products to choose from but their best sellers for Weddings and Events are their beautiful glass pieces. Vintage Jardin Jar Vases, Vintage Bottle Collection, and the Rosie Posie Vase are among the most popular items available. 

Holly Chapple has her exclusive line of products made specifically for weddings in mind. Items like the Abby and Abelia Compotes, when combined with the 6" Pillow, form the ideal event design option. The Pillow secures the design and makes it easier for the florist to design, transport, and set up the reception centerpieces. The Holly Chapple Bud Vases are very popular reception accent pieces, as well.

"I am beyond excited that my friends at Syndicate Sales will have a collection of their offerings within Details Flowers. Now all of my favorites are in one place. I can easily pull my Holly x Syndicate product line into the recipes I write; I am encouraged and enthusiastic about getting my buys created and prepared for the season." (Holly Heider Chapple)

The Aquaform© and Aquafoam© are a florist necessity when designing. Make sure to stock up on these essential products when ordering from your local wholesaler! 

Syndicate Sales is constantly working to provide resources connected to their goods to the industry. To take a look at the entire product line, go to SyndicateSales.com. The Catalogs & Inspiration area is great to find additional information about the catalog, product photos, and feature photo downloads!

“We are proud to welcome Syndicate Sales to our software platform!  We love to work with companies that offer an innovative approach to advancing the floral community.  Syndicate Sales has always been recognized as a top supplier to florists.  We are thrilled to promote their products to our growing user base!” says Corrine Heck, CEO and Founder of Details.


Where to Find Syndicate Sales Productssyndicate-details

Once you have added Syndicate Sales products to your events within Details, you will be able to order these products directly from your local floral wholesaler or through the Retailer Sign Up Form on the Syndicate Sales Website. 

Do you want to sell and distribute Syndicate Sales products as a wholesaler? Syndicate Sales has produced an application form for you to fill out in order to be able to provide Syndicate products to your customers!

We are so excited to have Syndicate Sales a part of the Details family and share all of their products with our members. 


Not a Details member, but want to start using Syndicate Sales products in your designs? Start a FREE 7-day trial with us today and explore all of Syndicate Sales' available items, along with all of the features we’ve created to help florists streamline their business!

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