Legacy in Full Bloom: January 2024 Masterclass Recap

by Details Flowers ● 1 February ● News & Events, Partners

We sat down with our good friend, Williee Armellini, to discuss his family's history in the floral business and how he created Flowers and Cents! If you missed our January Masterclass, here is the complete recap of our first show of 2024! It is always such a fun time with Williee. Instead of him asking all the questions, he is now in the hot seat! 

Family Beginnings 

In 1945, the start of Armellini Express marked the beginning of a legacy in the transportation and agricultural sectors. Williee Armellini's father initiated operations by acquiring a truck, a pivotal moment facilitated by the family in Florida. This strategic move allowed for the transportation of agricultural products from the family's farm in Florida to destinations in the Northeastern United States.

Working with Armellini Express Lines Inc | CDLLife

The family's commitment to delivering quality goods and meeting market demands contributed significantly to the growth of Armellini Express. What initially started as a localized transportation service for agricultural products eventually transformed into a thriving enterprise. The expansion of their operations over the years shows the dedication, strategic vision, and hard work that have shaped Armellini into the business it is today. 

Flowers and Cents

1-Jan-17-2024-07-55-42-7812-PMFollowing his departure from the family business, Williee embarked on independent ventures within the floral industry. Exploring various avenues, he eventually established a unique platform that would become a cornerstone for industry professionals. In 2001, Williee founded "Flowers and Cents," a chat room designed for members of the floral industry to discuss their work. This innovative space provided a collaborative and interactive environment for floral enthusiasts to share insights, exchange ideas, and build a supportive community within the dynamic realm of flowers and cents. 


Today, Flowers and Cents stands as a platform, delivering the latest news and updates within the floral industry. The platform has evolved into a reliable source for industry-related news, with his extensive global connections. Williee's vast network enables Flowers and Cents to be at the forefront of breaking news stories, often being the first to disseminate crucial information. His ability to reach out to industry contacts allows him to delve deeper into stories, providing an authentic perspective that goes beyond the surface, ensuring the audience receives the real scoop on every reported story. Flowers and Cents remains a go-to destination for staying informed about the ever-evolving floral industry.


Williee Armellini's passion for photography and videography has been a constant companion throughout his journey. Williee traveled extensively to various industry events worldwide and documented his experiences through captivating photos and insightful reports. Known for always having a camera in hand, his eye for storytelling became his trademark!

Photography is a staple, and he plays music as well! It is fun to see Williee playing the Harmonica and jamming with many talented people at industry events. 
Inspired by his own interview with The Flower Circus, Williee ventured into podcasting. What began as an idea has evolved into a remarkable series featuring interviews with over 240 guests, each telling their unique perspectives on the floral industry. Williee's YouTube channel serves as a treasure trove of interviews, allowing audiences to listen firsthand to the diverse stories shared by our community. 

We want to thank Williee for joining us for our January Masterclass and playing us the harmonica in true Williee fashion! Be on the lookout for Williee this year at upcoming events; he will be at NextGen LIVE, Fun N Sun, and SAF Annual Convention to name a few. If you want to subscribe to Flowers and Cents, visit the website or email him directly at williee@flowersandcents.com to sign up. Tell him Details sent you!

Click on the video below to watch the entire replay! 


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