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How to Maximize Your Earnings with Details Flowers

Cost of flowers + hard goods x labor = hopefully you calculated it all correctly so you will maximize your earnings! If we know the floral community, we can safely say you did not get into creating beautiful designs to do hours of math. So, why are you still?  While these methods have proved to be efficient in the past, that no longer rings true. Welcome to the age of Details Flowers Software. 

Details Flowers Software will save you time, and give you the power to put that calculator away! Not only will your flower contracts look beautiful, but your client will be signing off on a price that will reflect the earnings that you deserve. Continue reading to see what areas will get you the most money back into your pocket. 


So, if the cost to make a small bouquet of flowers is $50, you multiply that by 3 for a 300% markup, right? Unfortunately, you are only gaining a 200% markup on that. Now, with Details Flowers, We add that 300% markup on top of your cost. By that small miscalculation, your business potentially lost $50. Over time, that is going to add up to some serious loss. With Details Flowers, we give you categories set with markups at industry standards. Of course, this can be adjusted to fit your business needs, but we recommend leaving them so you can start to see an increase in profits! 

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With Details Flowers Software, we give you the option of adding in a flat labor percentage to the total bill, or, you can add in services to the worksheet, such as a design fee. Details Flowers makes it simple to customize the software for your floral business. So whether you want to set a general percentage, or to itemize fees, you can! 


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Merchant Fees 

While you may have some clients that still wish to pay with cash or check, there is no doubt those payment methods are becoming more obsolete as time passes. Most of your clients are more than likely paying with a credit card, but are you charging them an additional percentage to make sure you're not paying for that out of your own pocket? If you are a business that obtains most payments by credit card, Details Flowers makes it easy to account for the merchant fees. The fee varies per credit card, but the average is around 2-3%. If you're not passing that on to your client, that is 2-3% of your own potential profit you won't be seeing! While it may not seem like much at first, it will add up. You can easily add that merchant fee into the total cost of the event, as well as charge for time it takes for you to send emails, meet with your client, or other various administrative tasks. We introduce you to our Admin Fee feature! 

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Taking these areas into special consideration at the start will not only set your business up for success, but propel you into new profit possibilities! The best calculator needed. You've worked hard to get your name out there and grow your business, now let Details Flowers work hard for you, so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor and get back to doing what you love most. 

Interested in learning more to start earning more? Watch our Details Flowers Video Tutorial and see how we can help your business bloom & grow! Already ready to join? Click below to start your FREE 7 day trial of Details Flowers Software. 

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-Always Blooming, 

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