"Field to Vase"  with  American Grown Flowers

Details Flowers Software was so excited to hear that FernTrust Farms (American Grown Flowers) which is virtually in our own backyard, was having a Field to Vase Dinner Tour event, happening soon! Unfortunately It was announced during Hurricane Irma here in Florida!! YIKES!  But you know sometimes you just have to weather-the-storm  to show support for someone!  So we quickly scooped up two tickets to attend the event...have you ever felt like you just weren't meant to do something - well after checking the calendar we realized that Corrine had a wedding on the very same day as the Field to Vase Dinner!! (can you imagine that? lol)  Thank goodness for wonderful people and especially Sally Kobylinski of In Bloom Florist, she kindly filled our need to sit in for us at the table, with one request, please take pictures and be ready to share with us all that you experienced.  So sit back and enjoy while we find out how the delightful evening went with Sally and her friend enjoying the Field to Vase Dinner Tour at the American Grown Flowers Farm!

There is nothing that could make you feel so welcome as a Fern Halo - complements of FernTrust and Field to Vase Dinner Tour.  Sally and her friend immediately felt a part of the party and enjoyed making and wearing their Halo's and of course, getting their pictures taken! Beautiful Ladies!


Let's check in with the  Ferntastic Halo Ladies and see how the rest of the event went...

Where you surprised when you received the invitation to attend a Field to Vase dinner?

I was honored to receive the invitation from Corrine and also very intrigued to experience this trending event;  I had seen the SAF article on American Grown and its contents piqued my interest!

How was it dining among fresh ferns at FernTrust?

It was fabulous!  Words cannot adequately describe the beauty of the scene—the sun setting, lush ferns enveloping us, and fern halos nestled on our heads—it was a magical night.

ferntrust farmtotable.jpg

What took place during the event?

The incredible meal was proceeded by a workshop;  we made indescribably beautiful fern halos that we donned the rest of the evening.  There were also guided tours of the farm. During the tour, we learned about all the different types of greenery available as well as the history of the farm. The varied guests were transported to an earlier era—the ambiance put us all on a lush lawn in front of beautiful homestead- having a lavish feast.

Have you seen the growing process before? What did you learn?

Yes, I have.  FernTrust also had some informative tours that were offered prior to dinner.  During our meal, the history of FernTrust was shared with the guests.  It was incredible to learn that it began in the 1960’s with a few ferns being planted amid a citrus grove.  As time went on, the ferns started to take over the area.  In the mid-1980’s several bad freezes devastated the citrus trees, but the hardy ferns survived. The grandfather who planted those fledgling ferns twenty plus years prior, never imagined that they would grow and reproduce forming a lucrative fern and greenery forest for the future. Such an amazing legacy for future generations!


What was your favorite part of the event?

I truly loved just being at the farm;  it would be a place I would definitely consider as a venue because of its lush, natural beauty.  The surroundings, the history, the meal, the guests—all of these played a part in making the experience so memorable!  I also adored the table runners;  the two 75 foot guest tables had greenery runners that could be custom-made at any length.


Do you think it's the type of event that you would desire to attend again?

I would absolutely love to attend this type of event again!  The education that took place, the guests who were present, and the ambiance from the exquisite surroundings combined for an enchanting experience!  Thank you so much for the invitation;  words fail me in describing how much we enjoyed the evening.

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Thanks to Sally and her friend who were able to attend this Exclusive Dinner! Thank you American Grown for creating such a wonderful Field to Vase Dinner event. We can't wait to hear what plans are being made for 2018. We will certainly share those details when we find out! Barring hurricanes - Details Flowers can't wait to be there!  


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