Establishing Relationships with Local Venues

by Details Flowers ● 9 February ● News & Events

Establishing strong vendor relationships is vital to achieving synergy within the wedding and event industry. But how can you initiate the process of building these crucial connections? Here's a comprehensive guide to help you promote yourself to venues and maintain long-lasting relationships.

The first step to getting started is identifying the venues you want to collaborate with. It could be a specific location you wish to serve or one of the most popular venues in your town. Conduct thorough research to familiarize yourself with the venue's history, clientele, and any specific vendor limitations they may have.

Reach out to the venue and arrange a meeting to initiate the process of building a strong relationship. To go the extra mile, consider arranging a small gesture of appreciation for the venue, such as providing a complimentary arrangement. This lets you showcase your design skills and demonstrates a thoughtful gesture that can leave a lasting impression.

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During the meeting with the venue representative, emphasize that the partnership would be mutually beneficial. Request business cards to display at your studio, enabling you to refer the venue to your clients. Some florists even feature a recommended vendor list for clients to view on their websites.

Prepare a portfolio showcasing your work to present during the meeting. Avoid overwhelming them with an excessive number of photos. Instead, highlight a variety of design styles to give them an idea of your creative capabilities. Include samples of centerpieces, bouquets, and installations, among others. Adding your designs to Details Flowers Software is a great way to start building your portfolio. Housing all of your designs in one place is extremely helpful when attracting different vendors--especially when you want to look professional and organized!

Securing a preferred vendor spot with a venue is not the end of the job. Always maintain professionalism and respect when hosting events at the venue to preserve a strong connection. Leaving the venue in disarray after a long event sends a negative signal. It's good practice to instruct the strike team to clean up floral arrangements and ensure that all the venue's tables and decor items are returned to their designated locations.

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After successfully referring clients to the venue, send thoughtful handwritten notes expressing your appreciation. Let them know how grateful you are for the client and the opportunity to use their space. Additionally, check in with the venue quarterly to stay updated on any changes that may impact your work. For instance, venues may have implemented regulations regarding masks and social distancing during the pandemic. It's crucial to be aware of each venue's specific guidelines and communicate them to your staff and clients appropriately. In Details, you can create Contract Templates for each venue you partner with. This way, you can easily upload the contract in the client's proposal without having to write a new contract manually each time. This is a time saver when you are working on multiple proposals daily!

Now that you've learned how to market yourself to new venues and maintain strong working relationships with existing ones, go out and build those connections! Approach networking opportunities with a positive attitude and kindness; these qualities can go a long way in our industry. Start networking within your local community or attend industry conventions.

If you're looking for a convention that brings together many wedding industry vendors, consider attending Wedding MBA this year! The Wedding MBA is a great way to connect with all aspects of the wedding industry. The Details team attends every year, and we always have a wonderful time connecting with all attendees and vendors. Wedding MBA will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center November 12-14, 2024.

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