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Dot Your I's and Cross Your T's Before Take Off

You just bought a fabulous new outfit and you just can't wait to put it on! You hurry into your bedroom, empty out the shopping bag, and tear off the tag and...riiiiiip. 

Now, think about Details Flowers Software being that fabulous new look, except in software form (we are fabulous though, arent we?) You are beyond excited to start adding clients, creating recipes, and sending out flower contracts like a super-florist, and you do, but you forgot to set your default contract terms,  labor fees, and payment settings...OH NO, you don't even have your company logo uploaded! 

Well, never fear because it is better late than never to fill in your company settings, but just like that new outfit, we might have gotten a bit ahead of ourselves!

Setting your event planning business up for success starts with the nitty-gritty details. While it is not as fun as putting together a stellar arrangement, it is necessary. Take a look through this post to make sure you have completed all these steps before sending off that first flower contract. We promise, it will be worth it! All of the below categories can be accessed by clicking on the drop-down menu (your company name located in the top right-hand corner of the screen). 

Company Information 

This is an absolute must before you start anything. Upload your company logo, fill in your email, and the rest of your company's information. These details will be used throughout the flower contracts, so it is extremely important to take care of this at the start. 

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 11.30.30 AM.png

Categories & Markups 

We have addressed this section in a few other blog posts, but it is so important to your business, that we will keep talking about it! While Details Flowers starts you off with markups that are set at industry standards, you will want to take a few moments and make sure they are set to your liking and so you understand how the prices are calculated. Remember, in Details Flowers, the cost is multiplied by the markup, and then the cost is added back in. (E.g. $1 x300 = $3 PLUS the initial cost of $1 = $4.00) We formulate it this way to ensure you are making what you deserve for your time & effort. In this section, you can also set the Estimated Price (once changed, this is the initial price that will show on the worksheet). 

Details Flowers

Default Contract Terms 

OK, we know this one is not up your alley. This is exactly why you started working with flowers and not legal doctrine, but it requires your due diligence nonetheless. If you send a proposal out without reviewing and updating your contract terms, you have no idea what you, or your client are agreeing to. While Details Flowers does start you off with basic terms, it is still imperative that you review them and adjust to fit your company's needs and information. 

Default Labor Settings 

In this company setting, you will decide if you would like to have staff defaults, or choose to charge a flat labor percentage. If you choose to charge the flat fee, it will override the staff defaults, and vice-versa. Making this decision at the start will ensure your proposals will all be consistent going forward. Changing this setting later down the line will effect past & future proposals, so decide what works best for your company. 

Details Flowers

Default Payment Settings

Do you require a retainer? How many days before the event is the final balance due? The default payment area allows you to create your payment schedules, as well as fill in additional company information. You completed payment schedule can be added into your contract settings, so make sure you set it to your company standards and make it clear in your contract before you send off that first proposal. 

Details Flowers

Tax & Services

Details Flowers makes it easy to automatically add in tax on products & services. Simply go to "Default Tax Settings", located in the Company Drop-Down menu, and view the current tax rate listed. Make sure the tax rate is accurate for your area & set your default. If you are unsure, we recommend looking up the specific tax laws in your state. 


And there you have it, your Details Flowers Account is now ready to go and you can now start doing what you love best: design! Need help exploring these areas? We are here for you! Sign up for Details University and learn Details Flowers Software from start to finish! To register, click here. Love what you see, but you are not currently a subscriber? Click below to start your FREE 7 day trial of Details Flowers Software. 

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Always Blooming, 

--The Details Flowers Team 


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