British Flowers Week - Celebrating the Love of Flowers

Would you like to come and venture with me to the other side of the pond? Yes, I am talking about London, England.

On June 13th, England celebrates something spectacular for a whole week --  British Flower Week. I love this event because it brings awareness of the role florists play throughout  the world. For florists all over the world, our profession is about passion and the joy that flowers bring to others.  It demonstrates commitment to creating floral arrangements that impacts our senses and emotions and can immediately connect people to each other, knowing they are loved.

British Flowers Week kicks off traditionally with afternoon tea surrounding guests with lovely floral arrangements and the scent of flowers wafting through the room

Another event that takes place is “Pop up Nursery Day”. On this day, guests purchase seeds and live flowers that florists sell to engage the community to plant and create their own floral arrangements to enjoy the beauty of flowers year round. Floristry demos, enable fledgling floral designers to  learn the secrets to create a colorful floral arrangement. How fun!

Another great event that occurs June 16-19 is ‘Flowers From The Farm’  are presentations by skilled cut flower growers that highlight demos, education and displays. British Flowers Week lasts for 7 days, ending on the 19th of June. I wish I could hop on a plane and fly over the pond to attend this special event in person. Sadly, I can’t go. Oh well, I can still enjoy from afar.

Along with the events British Flowers Week will also be conducting The Flower Market Photoshoot. This photoshoot will showcase five florists, capturing the essence of home grown blooms and their individual artistry. Now who exactly are these interesting folks?

  • Well, Philip Hammond, who is the florist at the Dorchester, will be there. The Dorchester is the hotel where Philip has created remarkable centerpieces.
  • Next on the list is Amanda Austin from Amanda Austin Flowers. Now they have been in the floral industry for over 50 years, creating floral arrangements for dinners, weddings, daily delivered bouquets, plus much more. They are a renowned Chelsea florist, throughout London they are known for the utmost brilliant seasonal flowers.
  • The third florist on the list is Rob Van Helden from Rob Van Helden Floral Designs. He grew up in Holland, later moved to London to chase after his passion which is flowers. For 28 years, he has been accredited as one of London’s top florist.
  • Number four, Florence Kennedy from Petalon, they also have a bicycle manufacturing business. They decide to use said bikes to deliver their floral arrangements to their customers all over London. Creating an organic affordable experience overall.
  • The last florists to make the list are Anna Day and Ellie Jauncey from the Flower Appreciation Society. They have written a book titled “The Flower Appreciation Society: An A to Z of All Things Floral.” In these pages you will find tips and floral stories, plus much more.

I hope now you have an insight into what British Flowers Week is. In America we have our American Flowers Week starting on the 28th of June.

Tell us, how have you celebrated British Flowers Week? Don’t forget to share your tips and experiences with our Details community.  We love to hear your thoughts and stories. Click on to connect and share.

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