Words of Wisdom

The History of Mother’s Day & Carnations

On May 10th, 1908, Anna Jarvis delivered five hundred white carnations to Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church in Grafton, West Virginia for a memorial service. Her mother had taught Sunday school there for decades and the massive order of her mother’s favorite flower was delivered to the church as a tribute to her and mothers everywhere.

Are you a flower junkie?

What's a "Flower Junkie"? “A Flower Junkie is an individual continually learning about floral design while striving to find the most beautiful blooms God bestows to create and share original works of floral art”, says Amy Lynne Dunlap creator of FlowerJunkieJourney.com If you’re looking for some behind the scenes tips about the floral world. You will enjoy Amy’s book titled, The Flower Junkie Journey!

There's Nothing Holding You Back

When I started in my career search so many years ago, I really didn’t know what I wanted from this life.  Like many young people, I was floating along and searching for the “perfect job” that pays the bills and made me feel good.

As a creative, it’s not a coincidence that I landed in the floral industry right out of college.  I knew someday I would become a floral designer and produce gorgeous weddings featured in all the big magazines.  After two years of answering phones and sending orders, I was anxious to finally design so I asked my employer to move me to the design floor.  To my surprise, he told me to put my design dreams to rest. He said I was better suited taking orders by phone.

Dear Wholesalers: A Florist's Wish List

As florists, we depend on wholesalers to provide the blooms we use to create our beautiful floral displays. We love the stunning blooms you provide, but inconvenient ordering and collection procedures can leave us frustrated. Here are a few things you can do as a wholesaler to make florists fall in love with your business.